Han Jeong-hye


May 29, 2022

Han Jeong-hye (June 23, 1931 – May 9, 2022) was a South Korean culinary researcher. She was born in Bukcheong, South Hamgyong Province in 1931. She graduated from Kami Culinary Academy and Kappo Culinary Academy in Japan in 1969 and in 1971 she opened Han Jeong-Hye Culinary Academy. From the 1980s, she served as a cultural ambassador for promoting Korean food culture to the world as she was commissioned by the Korea Tourism Organization for over ten years. ran a culinary academy with Han Jeong-hye. She passed away in 2022 at the age of 91 as she was old.

Featured Books

《The Cooking of a Million People》 (1970) 《Lifestyle Cooking (top/bottom)》(1973-1974) "Korean cuisine"


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