October 7


October 18, 2021

October 7 is the 280th day of the Gregorian calendar (281th in leap years).


1571 - The Venetian Republic, the Pope, and the Spanish allied fleet defeat the Turkic fleet at the Battle of Lepanto at Lepanto (Greek navpaktos). 1597 - The Battle of Eoranpo begins. 1769 - British explorer James Cook arrives in New Zealand. 1910 - Japanese occupation period: Japan conferred titles to 75 people including Lee Wan-yong in accordance with the enactment of the 'Joseon Nobility Ordinance' 1949 - East Germany makes East Berlin its capital. 1950 - UN General Assembly, UN forces advance north of the 38th parallel and resolves to establish the Korean Unification and Reconstruction Committee (UNCURK) 1950 - China's People's Liberation Army, Jinju, Tibet 1978 - A magnitude 5 earthquake occurred in Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. 1979 - Kim Hyung-wook, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, mysteriously disappears in Paris. 1988 - The government of the Republic of Korea announced seven measures to open the economy to North Korea. 1993 - Russian President Yeltsin declares a state of emergency over bloody protests. 2001 - The War on Terror: At 16:30 UTC, the US invasion of Afghanistan against the Taliban and al-Qaida begins. 2002 - The Collective Security Treaty Organization is created. 2002 - The 7th Overseas Korean Economic Community Congress opens in Seoul. 2003 - President Roh Moo-hyun of the Republic of Korea, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi of Japan, and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao of the People's Republic of China held a trilateral summit on the island of Bali, Indonesia, and agreed on 14 areas. 2012 - With the revision of the Republic of Korea's Missile Guidelines (NMG), the warhead weight of the ballistic missile was increased to 500 kg, and the range was extended to 800 km.


1919 - KLM, the world's first airline, launched 1950 - Mother Teresa establishes the Mission of Love. 1963 - Established the Catholic Diocese of Suwon. 1969 - Korea's first multi-purpose dam, Jinju Namgang Dam, is completed. 1989 - Pope John Paul II visits Korea. 1993 - Toni Morrison, an American novelist, is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. 1998 - President Kim Dae-jung of the Republic of Korea visits Japan (~10th)


1661 – Sukjong, the 19th king of the Joseon Dynasty. 1880 – Paul Hauser, German soldier (b. 1885 – Nils Bohr, a Danish physicist (d. 1876 ​​– Kim In-jeon, a Korean independence activist (b. 1934 – Leroy Jones, American writer (b. 1952 – Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (b. 1963 – Ha-jun Jang, a South Korean economist (b. 1966 – Toby Jones, British actor. 1967 – Tony Braxton, American singer and actor (b. 1972 – Lee Ji-hee, a South Korean broadcaster and essayist. 1979 – Tang Wei, Chinese actor (b. 1990 – Chun Doong, a South Korean singer. 1991 – Ray (EXO, EXO-M), a Korean singer, Chinese singer and actor. 1992 – Penomeco, South Korean rapper (b. 1996 – NCIA, a South Korean singer. 1997 – Nicole Maines, American actress (b.


929 – Charles III of France. 1849 – Edgar Allan Poe, American novelist (b. 1894 – Oliver Wendell Holmes, American physician and poet (d. 1950 – Willis Carrier, American engineer (b. 1965 – Jesse Douglas, American mathematician and Fields Medal winner. 1979 – Keith Moon, British drummer (b. 2010 – Choi Yoon-hee, a South Korean writer (b. 2020 – Mario J. Molina, Mexican chemist (b.


East Germany's founding day Nagasaki Kunchi Festival Start Date: Nagasaki Japan Chuseok - 1987, 2101


The Gregorian calendar does not exist from October 5 to October 14, 1582.

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