November 18


November 30, 2021

November 18 is the 322th day of the Gregorian calendar (323th in a leap year).


1307 - Legend has it that on this day Wilhelm Tell shoots an apple that he put on the head of his son with a bow. 1903 - The United States and Panama sign the Treaty of Hey-Vino Bariya on the construction and operation of the Panama Canal. 1954 - The Korea-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty enters into force after ratification by Congress. 1978 - The Jonestown Massacre: A mass suicide at the People's Temple takes place in Guyana. 1987 - A fire breaks out at King's Cross Station in England, killing 31 people. 2005 - Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in Busan, Korea. year 2014 - Record-breaking snowfall in New York and Buffalo has killed four people. The UN General Assembly resolution recommending that the human rights situation in North Korea be turned over to the International Criminal Court was passed with overwhelming support.


1884 - Korea's first postage stamp is issued by the General Postal Service. 1928 - Walt Disney releases Steamship Willy in the United States, and Mickey Mouse is first known to the world. 1959 - Ben-Hur is released in New York City. 1969 - 1970 Preliminary Examination held in Korea 1998 - The first Mt. Geumgang sightseeing cruise departs from Donghae Port. 1998 - 1999 College Scholastic Ability Test conducted in Korea 2010 - Conducted the 2011 college scholastic ability test in Korea 2021 In Game 4 of the KBO League Korean Series, KT Wiz defeated the Doosan Bears and won the series with 4 wins, achieving the first championship in 8 years since its inception in 2013. University Scholastic Ability Test in 2022 held in Korea Nambu Beltway Gwangbok Bridge ~ Saseong Bridge (formerly Anyang Bridge) 6 lane extension work has been completed.


1773 – Ienari Tokugawa, the 11th shogun of the Edo Shogunate in Japan. 1786 German composer Karl Maria von Weber. English composer and conductor Henry Bishop. 1953 – Alan Moore, British cartoonist (b. 1964 – Choi Jae-sung, South Korean actor (b. 1968 – Owen Wilson, an American actor. 1971 – Lim-saeng Lee, a South Korean footballer. 1974 – Chloe Sevigny, an American actress. 1975 – David Ortiz, Dominican Republic baseball player. 1978 – Maribel Dominguez, Mexican footballer. 1980 – Junichi Okada (V6), Japanese singer and talent. 1981 – Shinji (Koyotee), a South Korean singer. 1982 – Akeno Watanabe, Japanese voice actor (b. 1984 – Ryohei Chiba (w-inds.), Japanese singer 1987 – Jake Able, an American actor. 1990 – Kim Na-young, South Korean figure skater (b. 1991 - Um Yun-cheol, weightlifter of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Jinyoung (B1A4), a South Korean singer. Korean singer Stella Jang. 1992 – Nathan Kress, an American actress. 1994 - Kim Soo-chan, South Korean singer. Korean actress Han So-hee.


1565 – Yun Won-hyeong, a Joseon politician (d. 1886 - Chester A. Arthur, 21st President of the United States (b. 1922 – Marcel Proust, French novelist (b. 1961 – Yun-hee Eo, a South Korean independence activist. 1962 – Nils Bohr, a Danish physicist (b. 1982 – Kim Deuk-gu, South Korean boxer (b. 1991 – Gustav Hussak, Czechoslovakian politician (b. 2005 – Lee Yun-hyeong, the third daughter of Lee Kun-hee, chairman of Samsung Group in South Korea (b. 2017 – Malcolm Young, Australian musician (b. 2018 – Kim Il, South Korean voice actor (b. 2018 – Jung-gu Yoon, a South Korean entrepreneur.


Independence Day: Latvia, Morocco National Day: Oman

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