December 14


January 19, 2022

December 14 is the 348th day of the Gregorian calendar (349th in leap years).


867 - Pope Hadrian II becomes 106th Pope. 872 - Pope John VIII is inaugurated as the 107th Pope. 1819 - Alabama becomes the 23rd state of the United States. 1955 - 16 countries join the UN: Nepal, Laos, Romania, Libya, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Albania, Spain, Austria, Jordan, Italy, Cambodia, Finland, Portugal and Hungary. 1979 - Unidentified flying objects are discovered in Seongnam-si and Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do. 1959 - First departure of the North Song Line for Koreans in Japan. 2014 - The LDP won an overwhelming victory in the 47th Japanese House of Representatives general election in Japan. 2021 - 2021 Seogwipo Sea Area Earthquake: An earthquake occurred near 41 km of Jeju Island.


1911 - Roald Amundsen's expedition becomes the first human to reach the South Pole. 1977 - Established Hankook Ilbo. 2008 - The Japanese Shinkansen series 0 trains were completely retired from the Sanyo Shinkansen.


1009 - Kosuzaku, the 69th Emperor of Japan 1503 – Nostradamus, French prophet. 1546 – ​​Tycho Brahe, Danish astronomer (d. 1895 - George VI, King of England. 1912 – Alfred Lennon (father of popular musician John Lennon from the rock band The Beatles), a retired British naval sergeant and sommelier worker. 1919 – Hyeon-in, a South Korean singer. 1946 – Jane Birkin, British singer and actress (b. 1947 – Shin Guk, a South Korean actor. 1962 – Seo Jeong-hee, a South Korean broadcaster (b. 1963 – Park Hae-mi, South Korean actress (b. 1966 – Jung Doo-hong, a South Korean martial artist (b. 1968 – Oh Young-hoon, South Korean politician (b. 1973 – Jeong Hye-young, a South Korean actress. 1979 - British footballer Michael Owen. Heo Ji-woong is a South Korean author. 1983 - Kang Ki-hwa is a South Korean actress. French referee Stephanie Frapar. 1985 – Jakuv Właszczkowski, Polish footballer (b. 1986 – Yoon Eun-chae, a South Korean actress. 1988 – Vanessa Hudgens, an American actress and singer. 1989 - Onew (SHINee) is a South Korean singer. Hyo-jin Yang, South Korean volleyball player 1990 – B-beom (Block B), a South Korean singer. 1991 Eunji Jo is a South Korean announcer. Japanese actress and singer Mitsuki Takahata 1995 – Chan Heo (Victon), South Korean singer


618 – Seolingo (薛仁杲) in the Qin Dynasty, China. 872 - Pope Hadrian II, 106th Pope. 1542 – James V, King of Scotland (b. 1788 - Carlos III, King of Spain. 1799 – George Washington, the first president of the United States (b. 1873 – Elizabeth Ludovica of Bavaria, Queen of Prussia. 2015 – Lee Man-seop, former Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea (b. 2019 – Ja-Kyung Koo, a South Korean entrepreneur (b. 2019 – Ana Karina, Danish actress (b. 2019 – Felix Lohatin, an American banker (b. 2020 – Gerard Ullier, French football manager (b.


Monkey Day: An Unofficial Holiday 47 Ronin Memorial Day: Japan Alabama Commonwealth Incorporation Date: United States

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