August 20, 2022

1806 is a common year starting on a Wednesday.


The 11th year of Qing Jing (嘉慶) Japan Bunka (culture) 3 years 5th year of the Nguyen Dynasty


The 3rd year of King Shoko of Ryukyu Qing dynasty family economy 11 years The 6th year of King Sunjo (純祖) of the Joseon Dynasty Nguyen Dynasty, 5th year of Emperor Qinglong


April 24 (March 6th in the lunar calendar) - The Samsa (三司) ordered the expropriation of the government officials of the late Shim Hwan-ji (Mang in 1802) and the removal of Kim Gwan-ju. May 30 (April 13th in the lunar calendar) - Kim Dal-sun, who was in exile in Sinjido, Wando-gun, Jeolla-do, died. June 22 (May 6th in the lunar calendar) - Kwon-su (權遂), the governor of Uigeumbu, and Kim Gwan-ju (金觀柱) arrived in Lee Won-hyeon (利原縣) and reported that he died of an illness. July 12 - Napoleon establishes the League of Rhine. August 6 - The last emperor, Franz II, abdicates and the Holy Roman Empire falls. October 14 - Napoleon's French forces defeat the Prussians at the Battle of Jena-Aurstadt. November 21 - Napoleon announces the Continental Blockade


May 20 – John Stuart Mill, British philosopher (d.



Yin-Yang Power Contrast List



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