May 29, 2022

1830 is a common year starting on a Friday.


Qing (淸) Guang (道光) 10 years 13th year of Bunsei (Japanese) / First year of Tempo (天保) The 11th year of the Nguyen Dynasty


The 27th year of King Shoko of Ryukyu (琉球) The 10th year of the Qing Dynasty The 30th year of King Sunjo of the Joseon Dynasty 11th year of the Ming Dynasty of the Nguyen Dynasty


On January 29, the credentials of Anthony Butler, the acting ambassador of the United States to Mexico, were enacted. June 26 – William IV, 5th of the Hanoverian family, becomes King of England. July 27 - French July Revolution


July 4 – William C. Arthur, British officer (d. July 10 – Camille Pissarro, French impressionist painter (d. September 8 – Frederic Mistral, French poet and Occitan activist (d. December 17 – Jules de Goncourt, French critic (d.


May 16 – Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier, French mathematician (d. June 25 – Crown Prince Hyomyeong, Emperor Chujon of the Joseon Dynasty, Emperor Ikjeon Munjo (b. June 26 – King George IV of England (d. July 15 – Dominique Van Damme, French general (d. December 1 - 253 Pope Pius VIII December 8 – Benjamin Constant, French writer (d.


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