October 18, 2021

1923 is a common year starting on a Monday.


Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea 5 years 12 years of the Republic of China 12 Years of Taisho, Japan 8th year of Khai Dinh, Nguyen Dynasty


8th year of the account system of the Nguyen dynasty (阮朝)


January - Shin Chae-ho, drafting the January 1 - Namdaemun Station was renamed Gyeongseong Station. January 3 - The National Congress of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea was held in Shanghai to resolve internal conflicts. January 5 - Noh Baek-rin inaugurated as the new Prime Minister of the Provisional Government January 12 - Kim Sang-ok throws a bomb at the Jongno Police Station January 22 - Kim Sang-ok commits suicide after fighting with the Japanese police. March - Chondogyo Boys' Association launched , a boys' magazine March 8 - A train overturned in Samrangjin, killing 60 people. March 15 - Kim Si-hyeon and Yoo Seok-hyeon of the Uiyeoldan were arrested in Seoul while carrying a bomb. March 16 - Bang Jeong-hwan, Yoon Geuk-young, and others organize the Saekdong Society in Tokyo, Japan April - Re-accreditation of Yeonhee College and Severance Medical College. April 19 - The first feature film was released. April 16 - Lee Dong-hwi engages Japanese police in Primorsky Krai April 18 - Yankee Stadium opens in New York, USA. April 25 Provisional House of Representatives submits proposal for impeachment of President Syngman Rhee by Provisional Government Sangho Kang and others established Hyeongpyeongsa in Jinju, Gyeongnam. May - Kim Kyu-sik, Lee Beom-seok, and others organized the Goryeo Revolutionary Army in Yeongil-hyeon, Manchuria May 1 - A protest march to commemorate the Labor Day hosted by the Federation of Korean Workers' Associations was canceled by the police. May 5 - The Japanese Government-General of Korea changes the name of the prison to 'Prison' May 15 - Pyongyang city tram test run June 2 - Kim Kyu-sik, Ji Cheong-cheon, and Yeo Woon-hyeong left the provisional government and proclaimed the Republic of Korea in Shanghai. June 11 - Established Gyeongseong Wireless Telecommunication Station June 19 - The US-UK debt agreement is signed. Set Britain's World War I debt to the United States at $4.6 billion. July 3 - About 150 armed independence fighters attack the Musan Nongsa-dong Samjang Substation, killing four Japanese police officers. July 28 - The new building of Gyeongseong Library was opened. August - Heavy rains occurred throughout Joseon (heavy rain in 1923) August 2 - U.S. President "Warren Harding" dies and "Calvin Coolidge" becomes vice president. August 25 - Gyeongseong Electrician started operating the Anguk-dong line. September 1 - Great Kanto Earthquake: Earthquakes hit Tokyo and Yokohama, killing more than 140,000 people. In the chaos immediately after the earthquake, the massacre of Koreans and the Kameido incident also occurred. September 2 - The Japanese government spreads rumors of Korean riots to prevent public agitation. September 3 - Park Yeol and Kaneko Fumiko were arrested in Tokyo, Japan on charges of attempting to assassinate the emperor. October - Kim So-wol's was published in . October 11 - Tenant tenants in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, decide not to pay rent. October 12 - Japanese occupation period: Regular route between Masan City and Osaka was opened. October 29 - The Republic of Turkey is established. November 7 - The National Equal History Representative Conference was held in Daejeon. November 8 - Hitler fails the Munich revolt. (~November 9)


September 7 - The International Criminal Police Organization is established. September 8 - Logan International Airport opens. October 16 - The Walt Disney Company is founded by Walt Disney and his brother Roy Disney. November 30 Moved North Pyongan Province Office from Uiju to Sinuiju Completed Daedong River Footbridge December 1 - The section between Masan and Jinju of the Jinju Line opened.


January 1st Italian actress Valentina Cortese. (→ 2019) American musician and composer Milt Jackson. (→ 1999) January 15 – Li Tenghui, President of the Republic of China (b. (→ 2020) February 17 – Hwang Jang-yup, North Korean politician (→ 2010) February 18 - Korea�

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