July 6, 2022

1925 is a common year starting on a Thursday.


Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea 7 years Republic of China 14 years Japan Taisho 14th year 10 Years of Khai Dinh, Nguyen Dynasty


10th year of the account system of the Nguyen dynasty (阮朝)


January Organization of Justice Ministry based on Ministry of Tongui in Manchuria Kim Dong-in's and Jin Young-taek's were published in January 13 - Proclamation of new policies such as Provisional House of Representatives, constitutional amendment, internal affairs order, and diplomatic invalidation January 28 - Musanja branch established in Seoul February 21 - installed a color printing press February 14 - Kim Chang-je and others organized the shisa club March - Hwang Shin-deok, Park Soon-cheon, and others organize a March meeting in Tokyo March 10 – Olympiacos FC, a Greek football club is founded. March 15 - New Minbu organization in Ning'an County, North Manchuria March 22 - In Haeju, South Hwanghae Province, with the purpose of promoting folk art and eradicating bourgeois art supremacy, a folk art association was organized. March 23 - The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea votes for the dismissal of Syngman Rhee, and Eunsik Park is elected as interim president. March 28th - , produced by Baeknam Yoon, starts screening at the Chosun Theater March 26 - North Poonghoe and Hwayonghoe decide to join March 30 The Provisional Government passed a resolution to amend the Provisional Constitution and changed the system from the presidential system to the cabinet responsibility system centered on the Cabinet Order, and limited the scope of the constitution to liberation activists from all people. Kim Dal-ha, a high-ranking Japanese spy, was shot and killed by Damul gang members in Beijing, Republic of China. April 3 - Opened the Central Library in Seoul April 17 – Cho Bong-am, Kim Chan, and others founded the Korean Communist Party at the Arthurwon in Seoul. April 18 - Park Heon-young and others organized the Goryeo Communist Youth Association May 12 - Enforcement of the Public Security Law in Korea May 15 - Nam-Hoon Paik, Jae-Hong Ahn, and others organized the Joseon Situation Research Society for the purpose of historical research. May 25 – Founding of FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, a Russian football club. June 6 - The Government-General of Korea established the Chosun History Pyeonsu Association June 11 - Mitsuya Agreement signed between Japan and China June 17 - Held the 1st National Secondary School Baseball Federation Game June 18 - Adolf Hitler publishes June 26 - Charlie Chaplin's The Golden Age is released July 1 - Korean Bar Association resolves to abolish discrimination between Koreans and Japanese July 4 - Sacheongyo and Suungyo merged July 5 - Founding of the Joseon Basketball Association July 21 - A trial called the Monkey Trial is held in Tennessee, USA, over the issue of education in the theory of evolution. July 31 - In the year of the Eulchuk year, 697 people died and went missing, and 100,000 homes were damaged. August 1st - Suspension of publication at the same time as the August issue of August 29 - Han Yong-woon, The Silence of the Lord, published September Naohyang, published in Hong Nanpa, Published September 24 - Lee Sang-ryong inaugurated as a new cabinet decree of the Provisional Government September 29 - Kim Jun-yeon, Kim Hyeon-cheol, Yu Kwang-yeol, and others founded Chosun Farmers' Company October 1 - A simplified national census was conducted, and the total population of Joseon was 19,522,945. October 13 - All Christian school students refuse to visit the shrine October 15 Seoul Station completed, transportation business started Groundbreaking of Joseon Shrine in Seoul, Gyeongseong Stadium opened November 9 - The Nazi Guard is formed. November 16 - Opening of the Seoul-Bongcheon telephone line November 22 - About 200 weavers at the Busan printing house on strike due to wage and treatment issues November 26 - About 10,000 oriental tenant farmers clash with Japanese police in Naju, South Jeolla Province December Chosun Art Association is organized by Korean international students in Tokyo. Young-hee Park, Ki-jin Kim, etc. formed the Korea Proletarian Artists' Alliance (KARF). December 6th - Ceremony to be held at Gyeongseongbu Government Complex December 16 - Lee Young-goo attempted to assassinate Lee Wan-yong, but was unsuccessful. December 31 - Suspension of monetary system in the Korean Empire


January 9 - American