July 6, 2022

1939 is a common year starting on a Sunday.


21 years of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea 28 years of the Republic of China The 6th year of Kangdeok (康德) of Manchukuo Japan, Showa 14 years 14th year of Bao Dai, Nguyen Dynasty


The 8th year of the Manchukuo Dynasty 14th year of the Great Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty (阮朝)


January - Lee Kwan-sul, Lee Soon-geum, and Kim Sam-ryong form the Kyungsung Com Group. January 14 - Japanese colonial rule promulgated and enforced the bylaws of the Joseon Requisition Order. February - Lee Tae-Jun, Mun Ye-Ji Publishing February 1 - Manpo Line Ganggye-Manpo section opened February 3 - Establishment of the Defense Department at the Police Department of the Government-General of Korea, strengthening of air defense In March 『Korea Esperantista』 of Joseon Esperanto Culture History was forcibly closed due to Japanese imperialism. The Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea moved its headquarters from Liuzhou to Qijiang, Sichuan Province. March 2 - Pope Pius XII inaugurated as the 260th Pope. March 10 - President Lee Cheol arrested on charges of using the Taegeukgi during a Japanese performance by the Chosun Musical Theater March 14 - Established the Hwanggun Wimoon Writers Group, a pro-Japanese organization March 24 - The Nazis in Liechtenstein, led by Theodor Schedler, fail a coup. April - Established Pyongyang Daedong Technical College. April 1 - End of the Spanish Civil War April 3 - Launch of the Japanese newspaper April 7 - Ahmed Zog I abdicates as King of Albania. April 10 - Implementation of distribution control for nails, wire, iron plates, etc. May - Established Sookmyung Women's College. May 21 - Chosun nationwide Bueup-myeon elections held May 22 - The Treaty of Steel between Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Italy is signed. June 11 - Chondogyo headquarters in Chosun mobilizes 200,000 believers across the country to form the Spiritual Federation In July Established Korea’s first private engineering college, Dong-A Institute of Technology (now Hanyang University) Japanese abolition of English subjects in vocational schools and high school entrance exams July 3 - Promulgation of rules for the police subordinate organization of the Japanese Empire July 17 - The Federation of Korean Liberation Movement Organizations under Kim Gu and the Korean National Front Federation under Kim Won-bong merged to establish the Korean United Front Association. July 22 - Opening ceremony of Gyeongchun Line July 25 - The Gyeongchun Line railway between Seongdong Station and Chuncheon Station is opened as a private railway under the name of 'Gyeongchun Railway'. August - Lee Byung-gi published his collection of poems August 1 - Opened Buyeo Museum August 9 - Francisco Franco becomes President of Spain August 16 - First training conducted under the Air Defense Act in Korea August 23 - The German-Soviet non-aggression pact is signed. August 27 - Successful test flight of the Heinkel He 178, the first jet in Germany. August 31 - Carbide car test drive in Gyeongseong September Gyeongseong Joseon Governor-General’s Residence completed, Gyeongseong Georgia Department Store completed Rice prices soared in Joseon despite Japan's control measures September 1 - World War II: Nazi Germany invades Poland. World War II outbreak. September 3 - World War II: Britain, France, and Germany declare war on the invasion of Poland. September 17 - World War II: Soviet forces invade Poland (Soviet invasion of Poland (1939)) September 27 - World War II: Fall of Warsaw. Poland surrenders to Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany and Soviet Union military alliance signed September 30 General Wwadisław Sikorsky becomes Prime Minister of Poland. Japan Promulgates Enforcement Rules of the National Conscription Ordinance September 28 - Treaty of friendship between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for the division and occupation of Poland is signed. October - Established the Korean Youth Field Workshop in Chongqing, China October 16 World War II: Luftwaffe attacks British territory for the first time. Determined to cooperate with the national spirit mobilization movement by forming the Joseon Yurim Convention and the Joseon Judo Federation October 29 - Joseon Writers Association formed November 3 - The Joseon Student Spirit Federation is formed. November 30 - World War II: The Winter War