November 30, 2021

1965 is a normal year starting on a Friday.


February 15 - The flag of Canada is changed. February 18 - Gambia independence. June 22 - Korea-Japan Basic Treaty is signed. July 26 - Maldives independence. August 7 - The U.S. Congress voted on the 'Gulf of Tonkin Resolution', a de facto declaration of war on the Vietnam (Vietnam). Then the US military intervention began. August 9 - Singapore becomes independent from Malaysia. August 11 - Massive black riots erupt in the Watts area of ​​Los Angeles, USA. August 12 - In the Republic of Korea, 61 lawmakers belonging to the Minjung Party submitted a resignation letter against the signing of the Korea-Japan Agreement. August 13 - The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea passed a motion to send troops to Vietnam in the absence of opposition parties. August 14 - The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea passed a bill to ratify the Korea-Japan Agreement without the opposition parties. August 22 - Over 10,000 high school and college students across the country protest against the ratification of the Korea-Japan Agreement. August 25 - The Korean government sends armed soldiers to Korea University, where protests against the Korea-Japan Agreement are spreading. August 26 - The government of the Republic of Korea issued an order of security in Seoul as protests against the Korea-Japan Agreement spread. September 6 - Pakistan declares war with India. September 9 - China declares the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region. September 18 - Gyeongin Line (Yeongdeungpo-Incheon) double track opened. September 21 Gambia, Maldives, Singapore, join the United Nations. Vietnam War: The decision ceremony for the Blue Dragon Unit, Korea's first dispatched combat unit to Vietnam, was held in Pohang. September 22 - The JoongAng Ilbo, one of the four major daily newspapers in Korea, is launched. October 9 - The first Korean combat units arrive in Vietnam. November 26 - Launch of France's first artificial satellite 'A1'


March 22 - Establishment of the Catholic Church in Wonju.


January 10 Son Jong-hwan is a South Korean voice actor. Shin Dong-ho is a South Korean announcer. Jang Ho-il, a South Korean singer. January 20 – Nam Kyung-pil, South Korean politician (b. January 22 – Lee Byung-woo, South Korean acoustic guitarist (b. January 27 Gyeon Mi-ri is a South Korean actress. Lim Dae-ho, South Korean actor. January 28 – Yeo Young-guk, South Korean politician (b. January 29 – Jo Min-soo, South Korean actor (b. January 30 – Oh Young-sil, South Korean actor (b. February 1 - Byun Woo-min is a South Korean actor. Yoon Da-hoon is a South Korean actor. February 5 – Georghejji, former Romanian footballer and current football manager. February 6 - Kim Gook-jin, a Korean comedian. Song Deok-hee is a South Korean voice actress. February 9 – Han Jeong-ae, a South Korean occupational safety and health expert, labor activist, and politician. February 15 – Kim Hyung-il, South Korean producer (b. February 17 – Michael Bay, American film director (b. February 18 – Dr. Dre, an American rap singer, producer, and entrepreneur (b. February 19 – Clark Hunt, American businessman (b. February 23 – Kim Jong-seo, South Korean singer (b. March 1 – Hwang Kwan-Woo, a former South Korean football player and current football manager. March 3 – Dragan Stojkovic, former Serbian football player and current football manager. March 14 – Lee Kwang-woo, former baseball player and current baseball coach of South Korea. March 16 – Kim So-hee, a Korean culinary researcher (b. March 18 – Yoon Jin-ho, South Korean financier and actor (b. March 21st Ja-hyung Koo is a South Korean voice actor. Jeong Ji-haeng, a Korean oriental physician. March 23 – Won Mi-yeon, South Korean singer March 24 – Shin Hye-soo, South Korean actress (b. March 28 – Choi Hong-rim, South Korean comedian (d. March 31 - Kim Geun-sik, a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, a literary expert, and a university professor April 2 – Bae Dong-seong, South Korean comedian (b. April 4 – Robert Downey Jr., American actor (b. April 12 – Kim Tae-won (resurrection), South Korean guitarist (b. April 16 – Manuel Mejuto González, Spanish football referee (d. April 17 – Pyo In-bong, South Korean comedian (b. April 19 – Natalie Dessay, French soprano singer (b. April 21 – Ko Ki-young, a South Korean lawyer (d. April 24 – Son Chang-min, South Korean actor (b. May 6

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