August 20, 2022

1991 is a normal year starting on a Tuesday.


January 17 - Multinational forces attack Iraq. (Gulf War outbreak) January 30 - The Kim Bu-nam incident occurs. February 27 - The end of the Gulf War. Liberation of Kuwait. March 3 - Jiang Qing, who was sentenced to life in prison in a private case trial, was released and placed under house arrest at the same time as Jiang Zemin, who was the most powerful man in the People's Republic of China at the time, imposed a suspended sentence. March 5 - The first typhoon Sharon occurred. March 26 - In the Republic of Korea, the local self-government system, which was suspended after the 5·16 military coup, was revived after 30 years, and local elections were held again to hold the election of the members of the Basic Assembly. At the same time, the Frog Boy Incident occurred. April 3 - The last and tenth case of the Hwaseong serial murder case occurs in South Korea. April 26 - Myongji University student Ganggyeongdae was beaten up. June 12 - Boris Yeltsin is elected President of Russia. June 20 - Local Election Regional Assembly Member Election June 25 - Slovenia and Croatia declare independence from Yugoslavia. July 19 - The Ibero-America Summit is inaugurated in Guadalajara, Mexico. August 4 - Oceanos sank off the coast of southeastern South Africa, but all passengers and crew survived with no casualties. August 6 - The UN Security Council adopted the application of North and South Korea's membership to the UN without objection. August 8 - British journalist John McCarthy is released from being held hostage by Islamic jihad for more than five years in Lebanon. August 14 - For the first time, the facts of the forced mobilization of comfort women by the comfort women victim Kim Hak-sun are revealed to the world. August 19 - Soviet conservatives stage a coup in August, imprisoning President Gorbachev. (~21 days) August 21 - Latvia gains independence from the Soviet Union. August 22 Korea and Albania establish diplomatic ties. Typhoon Gladys makes landfall in Korea. August 24 Ukraine becomes independent from the Soviet Union. Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR. August 27 - Moldova independence. September 2 - The United States recognizes the independence of the three Baltic republics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). September 4 - The Soviet Union recognizes the independence of the three Baltic republics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). September 6 - Independence of the Baltic States. September 7 - A delegation headed by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs attends the Ajou Group Ministerial Meeting in Pyongyang 77. September 8 - Independence of the Republic of Macedonia. September 9 - Independence of Tajikistan. September 13 - The resolution for simultaneous accession of the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the United Nations is submitted to the UN Secretariat. September 15 - Yugoslav War: All-out armed clash between the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia and Croatia. September 17 - The Republic of Korea, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, the Marshall Islands, Estonia and the Federation of Micronesia join the United Nations at the same time. September 18 - Macedonia declares independence from Yugoslavia. September 19 - The mummy of a Stone Age man, Wetchi, is found in the Alps. September 21 - Armenia becomes independent. September 23 - Iraqi UN nuclear inspectors are detained in Baghdad. September 24 - President Roh Tae-woo of the Republic of Korea delivers a keynote speech at the UN General Assembly. October 3 - The Republic of Korea and Burundi establish diplomatic ties. October 9 - The 'National Workers' Joint Countermeasures Committee (hereinafter referred to as the ILO Engineering Committee)' was formed, led by labor unions and industry conferences. October 17 - Fire in Geoseonggwan