July 6, 2022

2010 is a normal year starting on a Friday.


January to June

January 1 The government of the Republic of Korea requires that the personal information of sexual assault offenders be disclosed on the Internet. There was a problem in 2010 that some electronic devices did not recognize the year 2010 properly. Suicide bombings in Pakistan have killed 105 people. January 4: The largest snowfall since meteorological observations fell in Seoul and the central region of the Republic of Korea. January 8: While preparing for the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, the Togo national football team was traveling by bus from Cabinda province to Luanda, Angola, when an armed gunman opened fire and killed three people on the bus. This incident resulted in Togo's abstention. January 12: A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits Port-au-Prince, Haiti, killing at least 316,000 people. January 14: Don't Cry Tons Korea's Father Schweitzer Lee Tae-seok passed away. February 5 Akio Toyoda, president of Japan's Toyota Motor Corporation, held an emergency press conference at Midland Square in Nagoya to apologize for the mass recall. The Korean government has fixed the dates for the G20 summit on November 11 and 12. February 10 Georgian luge player Nodar Kumaritashvili died hours before the opening day when his sled slipped due to centrifugal force while practicing luge. South Korea, led by coach Heo Jeong-moo, suffered a devastating defeat to China 0-3. (This incident puts an end to the 32-year history of public sweating.) February 15: An oncoming commuter train collides in Buijingen, Belgium, killing at least 20 people. February 19: A mosque spire collapses in Morocco, northern Africa, killing at least 40 people. February 21: At least 42 people are killed and more than 100 are injured in a landslide and torrential rain in the city of Funchal on the Portuguese island of Madeira. February 24 Sogang University Professor Seong-ik Lee, a renowned physics professor in Korea, committed suicide due to the burden of research performance. A sauropod dinosaur Avidosaurus fossil has been discovered. February 25: Judges of the Constitutional Court uphold the death penalty 5-4 constitutional. February 27: A magnitude 8.8 earthquake off the Pacific coast of western Chile. The earthquake killed 700 people. March 1: A cyberattack incident occurred on March 1st, 2010 between Korea and Japan. March 2: The teacher evaluation system was implemented for the first time. Teacher evaluation is conducted for elementary, middle, and high school teachers across the country, as well as vice principals and principals to identify excellent and unqualified teachers. March 6: A missing middle school girl is found dead 11 days after her disappearance in Busan, South Korea. March 8 – March 18: The Korea-US Coalition 2010 Key Resolve/Foal Eagle exercise was held in the Republic of Korea. March 8: At least 41 people are killed and more than 60 are injured in a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in the eastern province of Elazie, Turkey. March 10: Kim Gil-tae, the perpetrator of the Busan high school girl murder case, was arrested. March 11th: Court, a Korean monk, died (enlisted) at the age of 78. March 21st The US Health Insurance Reform Act was passed by the House of Representatives. Myeong-jin, governor of Bongeunsa Temple, exposes the relationship between Ja-seung, general secretary, and Ahn Sang-soo, president of the Grand National Party, in relation to the temple directly managed by Bongeunsa. March 26 The 1,200-ton corvette Cheonan belonging to the 2nd Fleet of the Republic of Korea Navy sank off the coast of Baengnyeong Island, South Korea. A van with 7 employees of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and a driver of the Taean-gun government official was riding along the beach at Cheongpodae Beach in Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, and collided with a rock, killing all occupants.