The number of elements in 2021


November 30, 2021

The urea water crisis in Korea in 2021 is a catastrophe that occurred due to a shortage of urea water in Korea.

Number of elements

Urea water or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or AUS 32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32%) reduces nitrogen oxides to nitrogen through selective catalytic reduction in diesel engines to reduce the amount of air pollutant emissions It is an aqueous solution of urea of ​​standardized concentration used for savings. According to ISO 22241, 32.5% urea ((NH2)2CO) and 67.5% deionized water (a kind of purified water) are used.



First of all, the 'problem in the supply of urea water from China' is the biggest problem in China, such as 'sufficiency of fertilizer'. Recently, the prices of natural gas, sulfur, and coal, which are the main production raw materials for chemical fertilizers, are rising internationally, and there is an analysis that the production of chemical fertilizers and urea has contracted due to the power shortage in China. There are also rumors that the shortage of urea water was caused by 'diplomatic causes'.

Diplomatic cause

The cause is the China-Australia conflict. The cause of the conflict started in 2018, when Australia banned Huawei from participating in the fifth-generation mobile network. As a result, China has also begun to fight Australia with import restrictions. Wood, beef, wine, copper, cotton, copper ore, and coal produced in Australia were subject to major import restrictions. In addition, Australia's interest in intervention and a strong political stance rather than the view that economic benefits increased from the expansion of exchanges with China in Australia Anti-Chinese public opinion grew bigger as the reaction that society was getting more politically and economically contracted. In fact, in 2017, Senator Sam Daestiari resigned due to suspicions of collusion with a Chinese sponsor. In 2020, Senator Mosulman resigned from his position as a member of the National Assembly after criticism from public opinion due to suspicions of similar pro-China ties. The 'China-China conflict' is an 'international investigation into the origin of Corona 19' as if Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was asking China to be responsible. The United States, Australia, Japan, and India participated in the 'Quad' and showed off cooperation to contain China, further intensifying.


For many reasons, coal power generation in China has declined sharply, causing the worst blackout, followed by a sharp drop in urea production. The Chinese government has been restricting urea exports for a month for agricultural fertilizer production. There is a setback in the production of urea water. In addition, the number of passenger cars requiring urea increased as SCRs were installed in diesel passenger cars sold afterward according to the strengthened environmental policy from 2015. The industry estimates that 2 million vehicles require urea water among general diesel passenger cars. As a result, domestic sales of urea water more than tripled from 62.52 million liters in 2015 to 220 million liters last year. Therefore, if the number of urea is insufficient, the operation of a diesel vehicle becomes practically difficult. In particular, the damage to cargo trucks is expected to be significant. Although it depends on the type of truck and fuel efficiency, in general, 10 liters of urea water is used to travel 600-700 km. Cargo trucks that have to go back and forth between Seoul and Busan can only operate after filling up the urea water several times a month. Kim Pil-su, a professor of future automobiles at Daelim University, said, "It is no exaggeration to say that half of trucks on the road use urea water. If there is not enough, it will be impossible to respond to emergency situations.

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