2022 French presidential election


May 29, 2022

The 2022 French presidential election is an election held to elect the president of France. As a result of the election, President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected. In the first round of voting on April 10, no candidate received a majority of the votes, and a runoff was decided between Candidate Emmanuel Macron, who received 27.85% of the vote, and Marine Le Pen, who received 23.15% of the vote. As a result of the runoff on April 24, President Macron was elected with about 58.54% of the vote, 17.08%p ahead of Marine Le Pen, who got 41.46%. President Macron (a republic on the move!) was re-elected again after defeating Marine Le Pen (National Front) following the 2017 presidential election. It will be the first time in 20 years since French President Jacques Chirac was re-elected and reappointed in the 2002 presidential election.

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