May 13


May 29, 2022

May 13 is the 133th day of the Gregorian calendar (134th in leap years).


1981 - Pope John Paul II is shot by a young Turkish extremist Muslim in St. Peter's Square. 1996 - A tornado from a powerful thunderstorm kills 600 people in Bangladesh. 1998 - Racial riots erupt in Jakarta, Indonesia, where shops owned by Indonesians of Chinese descent are looted and raped. year 2014 - Soma Mine Explosion Accident: An explosion at a coal mine in Soma, Manisa Province, western Turkey killed 301 people and injured 122 others. Hundreds of people were killed when a 23-story apartment building collapsed in Ansan 1-dong, Pyeongcheon District, Pyongyang, North Korea. 2015 - A shooting incident occurred at the reserve army training ground in Naegok-dong, Seoul, killing 3 people and injuring 2 others.


1940 - Winston Churchill delivers his first speech to Parliament three days after taking office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 2001 - The Suwon World Cup Stadium was opened. 2017 - Bishop Seon-tae Kim, the 8th diocese of the Jeonju Diocese of the Catholic Church, was ordained and seated Mass was held.


1655 - Pope Innocent XIII. 1717 – Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia. 1742 – Maria Christina, Duchess of Teschen, Archduke of Austria. 1792 - Pope Pius IX. 1840 – Alphonse Daudet, French novelist (b. 1882 – Georges Braque, French artist (d. 1888 – Inge Lehmann, a Danish seismologist who discovered the Earth's inner core. 1924 – Giovanni Sartori, an Italian political scientist (d. 1937 – Roger Zelazny, American fantasy novelist and science fiction writer (b. 1941 – Kim Seong-gyeom, a South Korean actor. 1944 – Son Sook, a South Korean actress. 1947 – Kim Hee-ra, a South Korean actress. 1950 – Stevie Wonder, American singer-songwriter (b. 1951 – Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong, a Chinese religious leader. 1961 – Dennis Rodman, American professional basketball player (b. 1962 – Lee Kwang-pil, South Korean singer (b. 1964 - Bae Jong-ok is a South Korean actor. Stephen Colbert, American comedian and broadcaster. 1969 – Kim Hong-seong, South Korean announcer (b. 1974 – Choi Young-pil, South Korean baseball player (b. 1975 – Yeo Min-jeong, a South Korean voice actress. 1977 – Chris Oxspring, an Australian baseball player. 1978 – Junji Majima, Japanese voice actress 1980 Korean singer Woo Woo-seok (Click B). Lee Jae-kyung (Nell) is a South Korean singer. 1981 Heo Jae-in, a former South Korean baseball player. Lee Ji-ae, a South Korean broadcaster and former announcer. 1983 Korean trot singer Yeong-tak 1986 Ji Eun-hee, a South Korean golf player. British actor Robert Pattinson. 1987 Shin Jeong-rak, a South Korean baseball player. Hye-jin Jang, South Korean archery player 1993 Bang Min-ah of Girl's Day, a South Korean singer. Debbie Ryan, American actress, singer, musician, songwriter and producer Belgian footballer Romelu Lukaku


978 – King Gyeongsun of Silla. 1573 – Shingen Takeda, a daimyo of the Sengoku period, Japan. 1903 – Apollinario Mabini, Filipino independence activist and first Prime Minister (b. 1915 – Count Sergei Witte, Russian politician (b. 1930 – Pritioff Nansen, Norwegian explorer, scientist, and diplomat (b. 1945 – Han Seong-su, a South Korean independence activist (b. 1961 – Gary Cooper, American actor. 1984 – Stanislaw Ulam, Polish-American mathematician (b. 2002 – Valery Lovanovsky, Ukrainian footballer and manager. 2006 – Kim Dong-won, South Korean actor (b. 2011 – Wallace McCain, a Canadian businessman and co-founder of McCain Foods. 2018 – Margot Kidder, American actress (b. 2019�