June 16


July 6, 2022

June 16 is the 167th day of the Gregorian calendar (168th in leap years).


1397 - The Joseon Dynasty removed the Byeongmadojeoljesa Temple in Gak and installed the Cheomjeoljesa Temple in each town. (May 21st of the lunar calendar) 1592 - The Battle of Okpo takes place. 1846 - Pope Pius IX is inaugurated as the 255th Pope. 1897 - Treaty of annexation between the United States and Hawaii is signed. 1903 - Amundsen's exploration of the Northwest Passage begins. 1931 - Saito Makoto resigns as governor-general of Joseon. 1987 - A fire accident occurred in the Far East Lake. 2014 - Twin tornadoes hit the town of Pilger in northeastern Nebraska, killing dozens. 2020 - The North-South Joint Liaison Office is bombed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.


1461 - Gankyeongdogam was installed by order of King Sejo. 1903 - The Ford Motor Company is founded. 1911 - The Computer Statement Recording Company (CTR), the predecessor of IBM, is established. 1924 - Huangpu Military Academy is established. 1952 - Korea Aerospace University is established. 1963 - The first female cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova of the Soviet Union, flew 48 laps around the Earth in the spacecraft Vostok 6, in 70 hours and 50 minutes. 2016 Girl group 4minute was disbanded after 7 years of debut. Shanghai Disneyland opens. 2018 - The section between Sosa Station and Wonwon Station on the Seohae Line of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway was opened. 2022 - Second test launch of Nuri (planned)


1313 – Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian novelist (d. 1862 – William M. Baird, founder and first dean of Soongsil University, Korea’s first comprehensive university 1894 – Kim Do-yeon, South Korean politician (b. 1902 – Barbara McClintock, an American cytogenetic scientist (d. 1930 – Ja-bok Oh, a South Korean soldier and politician (b. 1931 – Lee Kwang-no, a South Korean soldier and politician (b. 1937 – Simeon II, last king and prime minister of Bulgaria. 1958 – Lee Kyung-young, a South Korean voice actor (b. 1959 – Ultimate Warrior, American former professional wrestler. 1960 – Kim Young-hee, a South Korean producer. 1966 – Jan Zelezny, Czech javelin thrower (b. 1967 – Jurgen Klof, German football player and manager (b. 1971 – Tupac, rapper and actor, the king of hip-hop in the American West. 1972 American actor John Cho. American novelist Andy Weir 1973 – Seol Jong-jin, a South Korean baseball player and current baseball coach. 1978 – Daniel Brühl, a German actor. 1984 – Jonathan Broxton, American baseball player (b. 1986 - Ha Joo-yeon is a South Korean singer. Go Sae-rom, a South Korean announcer. 1987 – Diana DiGamo, American singer-songwriter (b. 1991 - CNU, a South Korean singer. Young-woong Lim, a South Korean trot singer. 1993 – Park Bo-gum, South Korean actor (b. 1995 - Hee-hyeon is a South Korean singer. Joo Da-young is a South Korean actress.

Fictional Characters

Fate/Zero - Tokiomi Tohsaka Touch - Tatsuya Uesugi, Kazuya Uesugi


1926 – Na Su-yeon, a politician during the Japanese colonial period. 1958 – Nudge Imre, Hungarian politician (b. 1968 – Kim Soo-young, a South Korean poet (b. 1977 – Lee Hwi-so, South Korean physicist (b. 1977 – von Braun, an American rocket scientist (b. 2004 – Thanom Kittikajn, a Thai politician (b. 2006 – Han Young-sook, South Korean actress (b. 2017 – Helmut Kohl, German politician (b. 2017 – Yoon So-jung, South Korean actress (b. 2022 - Team Sale, an American cartoonist.


2004 - The digital information preservation movement eHaru 616 begins. 1904 - Bloomsday, the day set in James Joyce's novel Ulysses 1995 - A day set in the movie Before Sunrise 2010 - The film Into the Fire was released.


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