June 20


July 6, 2022

June 20 corresponds to the 171st day of the Gregorian calendar (172th in a leap year).


451 - Battle of the Catalan Plains: Flavius ​​Aetius fights Attila of the Huns. 1667 - Pope Clement IX becomes 238th Pope. 1685 - The Monmouth Rebellion: James Scott proclaims himself King of England at Bridgewater. 1789 - Tennis Court Pledge, Commonwealth Members of the Three Divisions gather on the tennis court to sign the oath (French Revolution) 1791 - French Revolution: Louis XVI and his royal family escape the Tuileries Palace in Paris and attempt asylum abroad. 1792 - French Revolution: Parisians raid the royal palace. 1837 - Queen Victoria succeeds the British throne. 1960 - Senegal becomes independent. 1975 - The murder of Lee Pal-guk's wife takes place in Myeongnyun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. 2004 - Archbishop Sotirios Trambas becomes the first diocesan of the Korean Orthodox Church.


1962 - Yanghwa Bridge began construction. 2003 - The Wikimedia Foundation is founded. 2004 - Archbishop Sotirios Trambas is enthroned as the first archbishop of the Korean Orthodox Church. 2008 - Magok Station on Seoul Subway Line 5, which had been neglected as a non-stop transit station for 12 years, started operating. 2013 - Lee Seung-yeop of the Samsung Lions hit his career-high 352 home run. This was a new record for most Korean players.


1469 – Gian Galeazzo Sforza, 6th Duke of Milan (b. 1566 – Bazaar of Sigmund III, King of Poland (Sigismund of Sweden). 1634 – Carlo Emanuele II, Duke of Savoy. 1819 – Jacques Offenbach, French composer (b. 1905 – Lillian Hellman, American writer (b. 1902 – Jeong Ji-yong, a South Korean poet. 1924 – Chet Atkins, an American musician. 1949 – Lionel Richie, American singer-songwriter (b. 1952 – John Goodman, an American actor. 1958 – Jang Jeong-hee, a South Korean actress. 1964 – Jang Se-jin, South Korean actress (b. 1967 – Nicole Kidman, Australian actress (b. 1968 – Robert Rodriguez, American film director (b. 1978 Dali (No Brain), a South Korean singer and drummer. Jeong Ga-eun is a South Korean actress. 1985 - Jung Ji-won, a South Korean announcer. Japanese actress Saki Aibu. 1987 - Ha Hyun-jung, Miss Korea of ​​Korea. Kim Su-ji, South Korean volleyball player. 1989 – Javier Pastore, Argentine footballer (b. 1992 – Kim Woo-jin, South Korean archer (b. 2002 – Jang Jae-young, South Korean baseball player (b.


1597 – Willem Barents, Dutch navigator and explorer (d. 1837 – William IV, 5th King of Hanover, England (b. 1870 – Jules de Goncourt, French critic (d. 1916 – Park Je-soon, one of the Eulsaojeoks. 1951 – Kim Sang-yong, a Korean poet (b. 1965 – Bernard Barouk, American politician (b. 1994 – John Farrell, American speed skater (b. 2001 – Kim In-seung, South Korean painter (b. 2005 – Jack Kilby, an American scientist (b. 2010 – Abdolmalek Rigi, an Iranian terrorist (b. 2013 – James Gandolfini, American actor (b. 2017 – Yang Seung-chun, South Korean graphic designer (b. 2018 – Peter Thompson, Australian golfer (b. 2021 – Luis del Sol, Spanish footballer (b.


World Refugee Day Flag Day: Argentina West Virginia Day: West Virginia Martyr's Day: Eritrea Day of the gas sector: Azerbaijan

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