June 21st


July 6, 2022

June 21st falls on the 172th day of the Gregorian calendar (173rd in leap years).


1863 - Gettysburg Campaign during the American Civil War: Battle of Upperville 1919 - The German Ocean Fleet slept in a group at Scarpaflow. 1947 - Korea joins the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 1949 - The Land Reform Act was enacted. 1955 - Lee Un-yong and Lee In-seon, soldiers of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, defect to the Republic of Korea. 1962 - The Korea Trade-Investment Corporation, the predecessor of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, was established. 1963 - Pope Paul VI begins the 262nd pope term. 1989 - Ding Shengbi, commander of martial law, massacres 7,469 protesters while shouting "Long live Mao Zedong, long live the Communist Party" during the Tiananmen Square Uprising 2003 - Hamas leader Abdallah Kawasmeh is shot and killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank of the Jordan River. 2014 - A shooting incident occurred at the GOP of the 22nd Division of the Eastern Front in Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do


1957 - Kinki Japan Railways begins operation of the first air-conditioning limited express. 1985 - Sammi Superstars, professional baseball team, last game at Incheon (vs. Lotte Giants, lost 16:6). 2004 - Spaceship One, the first private spacecraft developed by an American company, succeeds in space flight. 2006 - Newly discovered moons of Pluto are named Nyx and Hydra. 2014 - Incheon International Airport Railroad Cheongna International City Station was opened.


1002 - Pope Leo IX, 152nd Pope. 1788 – Princess Auguste von of Bavaria, adopted by Napoleon. 1816 – Paul Julius Reuters, British telecommunications businessman (b. 1880 – Arnold Gesell, American child psychologist (b. 1892 – Reinhold Niebuhr, American theologian (d. 1900 – Choe Yong-gun, the second head of state and chairman of the People's Assembly of North Korea. 1904 – Park Yong-cheol, a Korean poet (b. 1905 – Jean-Paul Sartre, French writer (b. 1908 – Yoon Bong-gil, Maheon, a Korean independence activist. 1915 – Wilhelm Gliese, German astronomer (b. 1921 – Jane Russell, an American actress. 1932 – Lalo Sifrin, Argentine musician (d. 1935 – François Sagang, French writer (b. 1947 – Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian lawyer. 1948 – Andrzej Sapkowski, Polish fantasy novelist (b. 1953 – Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani politician (b. 1955 – Michel Platini, French former footballer and current football administrator. 1961 – Joko Widodo, Indonesian politician and 7th President (b. 1962 Russian rock singer Victor Choi. Choi Yang-rak, a Korean comedian. 1969 – Byun Woo-young, a South Korean announcer (b. 1979 Japanese actor Yu-min American actor Chris Pratt 1982 Prince William of England. Lee Dae-ho, South Korean baseball player. 1984 Seo-young is a South Korean actress. Kang Seung-hwa, South Korean announcer. 1985 – Lana Del Rey, American singer-songwriter (b. 1987 – Ryeowook Ryeowook, a member of Super Junior, a South Korean idol singer. 1990 Yoo Seung-ok is a South Korean model. Ko Seong-hee is a South Korean actress. Argentinian footballer Estéphania Vanini. 1991 Min of the South Korean female group Miss A. Ahn Seung-min, South Korean baseball player. Jang Ha-na, a Korean comedian. 1992 Azusa Okamoto is a Japanese fashion model and actress. Jae-ho is a South Korean actor. J-Seph, a member of Korean idol singer K.A.R.D. 1994 – Han Seung-taek, South Korean baseball player (b. 1995 - BOYCOLD, a South Korean music producer.


223 – Liu Bei, the emperor of Shou Han. 1377 – Edward III, King of England. 1527 – Niccolò Machiavelli, Italian political thinker (d. 1582 – Nobunaga Oda, a Japanese general during the Sengoku period. 1879 – Choi Han-ki, a scholar of the late Joseon Dynasty (b. 1908 – Nikolai, Russian composer (d.