July 28


August 12, 2022

July 28 is the 209th day of the Gregorian calendar (210th in a leap year).


1354 - Battle of Cassina: The Republic of Florence defeated the army of the Republic of Pisa at Cassina on the Arno River. 1392 - King Taejo of the Joseon Dynasty issued an enthronement letter. 1540 - Thomas Cromwell is executed at the Tower of London by order of Henry VIII. 1794 - Mountaineers, including Maximilien de Robespierre, are expelled by the Thermidor reaction and executed by the guillotine. 1821 - Peru declares independence. 1914 - World War I begins: Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia 1922 - The Irish Civil War begins. 1942 - World War II: Soviet leader Joseph Stalin issued Order 227. In response to Germany's relentless progress, all those who retreated or failed to remain in place without an order were tried in military courts, ranging from duty in a punitive battalion to imprisonment in a gulag or death. 1946 - The North Korean Workers' Party is formed, and Kim Il-sung takes office as chairman. 1961 - The revolutionary government, which seized power following the 5·16 military coup, revised the Revolutionary Tribunal. 1976 - Tangshan earthquake in China. The earthquake killed 244,000 people. 1993 - Andorra joins the United Nations. 2011 - Asiana Airlines Flight 991 crashed. 2016 - Establishment of the Reconciliation and Healing Foundation, a foundation for the victims of the comfort women led by the Korean government.


1923 - The new building of Gyeongseong Library opened in Nakseong. 1998 - SBS Production Fanfare Jaerongnori is released.


1635 – Robert Hooke, English natural philosopher, naturalist, and scientist (d. 1887 – Marcel Duchamp, French artist (b. 1938 – Alberto Fujimori, Peruvian politician (b. 1954 – Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela. 1959 – Yoo Si-min, a South Korean politician (b. 1962 – Kye Eun-sook, a Korean enka trot singer (b. 1972 – Yeom Jeong-ah, a South Korean actress. 1973 – Park Chan-ho, South Korean baseball player (b. 1974 – Alexis Tsipras, Greek politician (b. 1977 Park Ki-young, a South Korean singer. Korean comedian Kim Ki-soo. Yoo Ji-won is a South Korean voice actress. Argentine basketball player Manuel Ginobili. 1979 – Lee Min-woo (Shinhwa), a South Korean singer. 1980 – Ki Se-hyung, South Korean actor (b. 1981 – Jo In-seong, South Korean actor (b. 1983 - Venezuelan politician and engineer Juan Guaido. Korean model Lee Hyun-yi 1986 – Darin Ruff, American baseball player (b. 1987 Park So-young, a Korean comedian. Kim Hye-ji, a South Korean announcer. Hwang Jae-gyun, South Korean baseball player. Spanish footballer Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma. 1989 Korean actor Kwon Hwa-woon. Swedish footballer Alvin Ekdahl. 1993 – Harry Kane, English footballer (b. 1994 – Hyojeong (Oh My Girl), a South Korean singer. 1995 – Bradley Simpson (The Vamps), British singer 2003 – Jung Taek-hyeon, South Korean actor (b.


450 - Theodosius II, emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. 942 – Seokjingdang, the first emperor of Hu Jin during the era of the Five Great Ten Kingdoms of China. 1057 - 153rd Pope Victor II. 1540 – Thomas Cromwell, British lawyer and politician, treasury secretary (d. 1741 – Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer (d. 1750 – Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer (b. 1818 – Gaspard Monge, French mathematician (b. 1844 – Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. 2017 – Kim Byeong-gwan, South Korean voice actor (b. 2018 - Hyun So-hwan, a South Korean journalist. 2020 – Aleksandr Axinin, Soviet track and field athlete (b. 2021 – Dusty Hill, American singer-songwriter (b. 2021 – Satsuki Edda, Japanese politician (b. Anniversary