August 3


August 20, 2022

August 3 is the 215th day of the Gregorian calendar (216th in a leap year).


435 - Nestorius is exiled to Egypt by Theodosius II, emperor of Eastern Rome. 1347 - Calais surrenders to the British. 1492 - Christopher Columbus makes his first voyage from Palos, Spain. 1811 - The Meyer brothers first climbed Jungfrau in the Alps. 1914 - The German Empire declares war on France. 1950 The battle of Dabudong has begun. The UN forces bombed the Waegwan iron bridge with the aim of stopping the southern advance of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 1953 - The United Nations Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission establishes the headquarters of the Military Armistice Commission in Panmunjom. 1958 - The U.S. nuclear submarine Nautilus becomes the first to pass through the North Pole. 1960 - Niger declares independence from France. 1962 - Typhoon Noraho caused great damage in Jeollanam-do (310 casualties, 820,000 farmland loss). 1972 - President Park Chung-hee issued the 'Emergency Order No. 15 on Economic Stability and Growth' (August 3 Measure). 1979 - Theodore Obiang Nguema Mbasogo becomes president of Equatorial Guinea. 1993 - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection team arrives in Pyongyang for a temporary inspection of the North Korean nuclear facility. 2000 - Former Indonesian President Suharto is officially charged with corruption. 2002 - 11 North Korean defectors who entered the South Korean consulate in Beijing, China entered the Republic of Korea. 2004 - The Mercury rover Messenger is launched. 2009 - Koo Bon-hong resigns as YTN CEO and president. 2013 - One person died and one person was injured in a grenade explosion at the GOP post at the forefront of the Army on the Western Front in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do. 2014 - A 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Ludian County, Jiaotong City, Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China, killed more than 360 people.


1885 - Appenzeller, an American missionary, established the first modern historical school in Joseon, Paejae Hakdang. 1950 - French football club Olympique Lyon is founded. 1966 - The Korea Forest Service is established. 1983 - Samsung Semiconductor succeeded in developing 64KD RAM. 2010 - A pilot route for the magnetic levitation train to be installed at Incheon International Airport was grounded. 2013 - Hyun-Jin Ryu of the Los Angeles Dodgers started out in an away game against the Chicago Cubs, scoring 10 wins in his first major league year. 2014 - Last broadcast on MBC Cultural Broadcasting in Yeouido.


1811 – Elisha Otis, American inventor (b. 1900 – Jeong-hwa Jeong, a Korean independence activist. 1909 – Neil Miller, American psychologist (b. 1914 – Lee Bong-ryong, South Korean popular music composer (b. 1921 – Yoo Jae-heung, a South Korean soldier (b. 1926 – Tony Bennett, American singer-songwriter (b. 1952 – Osvaldo Ardiles, Argentine footballer and coach. 1959 – Koichi Tanaka, Japanese chemist (b. 1971 – Yoon Yoon-won, a South Korean actor. 1973 – Stephen Graham, an English actor. 1975 Erino Hazuki is a Japanese voice actor. Japanese actor Hideaki Ito. 1979 – Evangeline Lilly, Canadian actress (b. 1981 – Kim Gook-jin, South Korean voice actor (b. 1986 – Sang-hyeop Lee, a South Korean footballer. 1987 – Kim Hyeong-jun, a South Korean singer (b. (SS501) 1990 Kang Min-kyung is a South Korean singer. (Davichi) Dick Hunter, a South Korean internet broadcaster. 1991 – Nam Young-joo, South Korean singer (b. 1993 – Lee Seong-gyu, South Korean baseball player (b. 1999 – Yeonjeong, a South Korean singer. (Cosmic Girl)


1792 – Richard Arcwright, British inventor (b. 1924 – Joseph Conrad, English novelist (b. 1929 – Sostein Veblen, American sociologist (b. 1943 – Ahn Hee-je, a South Korean independence activist (b. 1956 – South Korean politician