August 6


August 20, 2022

August 6 is the 218th day of the Gregorian calendar (219th in leap years).


1623 - Pope Urban VIII inaugurated as the 235th Pope. 1806 - The Holy Roman Empire is overthrown with the abdication of the last emperor, Franz II. 1825 - Bolivia gains independence from Peru. 1890 - The world's first execution of the death penalty using an electric chair at Auburn Penitentiary, New York, USA. 1945 - The US drops the atomic bomb Little Boy on Hiroshima, Japan. 1949 - President Chiang Kai-shek's first visit to the Republic of Korea. 1949 - Republic of Korea revised the military service system from enlistment system to conscription system. 1953 - Im Hwa, a North Korean poet, executed in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as an 'American spy' 1962 - Jamaica becomes independent from Britain. 1975 - The UN Security Council rejects the proposal of South Korea to join the UN. 1997 - Korean Air flight 801 crashes while landing at Agana International Airport, Guam, killing 228 and surviving 26. 2001 - Confirmation of involvement of a Blue House official in connection with suspicion of preferential treatment for the selection of a private operator for the development of idle land at Incheon International Airport. 2015 - Megalia is born.


1932 - The 1st Venice Film Festival opens. 1961 - The Soviet Union successfully launches the 2nd manned spacecraft. 1962 - Gwanghwamun Post Office in Seoul opened. 1983 - 'Meeting Plaza' opened in Yeouido for the reunion of separated families on June 25th. 1991 - Tim Berners-Lee reveals the idea of ​​the World Wide Web. 1993 - '93 Daejeon EXPO, opened under the theme of 'The road to a new leap'. 1994 - Daejeon Metropolitan City EXPO Science Park opened. 2009 - Introduced Hangeul as an official character for writing the local language, Ciachia, in Buton Island, Indonesia. 2022 - Gwanghwamun Square, which has been restructured, will open after 21 months of construction.


1180 – Gotoba, the 82nd emperor of Japan 1667 – Johann Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician (d. 1753 – Uibin, concubine of King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty. 1766 – William Hyde Wollaston, English physicist and chemist (b. 1829 – John Everett Millais, English painter (b. 1881 – Alexander Fleming, British biologist (b. 1903 – Park Heung-sik, a South Korean businessman and educator (b. 1908 – Kang Ho, a North Korean artist (b. 1911 - Lucille Ball, American actress and theater director. Heo Jung-gu, a South Korean entrepreneur. 1913 – Keiko Sonoi, Japanese actress (d. 1928 – Andy Warhol, American artist (b. 1933 – Suchinda Kraprayun, Thai politician (b. 1957 – Jeong Kyung-ae, a South Korean voice actress. 1960 Hiroshi Moriwaki, former Japanese baseball player. Jinseong, a South Korean singer. 1962 – Yang-kyung Yang, Hong Kong actor (b. 1963 – Kevin Mitnick, an American hacker (b. 1969 – Elliott Smith, American singer-songwriter (b. 1970 American film director M. Knight Shyamalan. Ahn Yong-wook is a South Korean voice actor. 1972 – Jerry Halliwell, British singer, writer, and actor, member of the 1990s idol pop group Spice Girls 1973 Hyeon-hee Kwak, a former baseball player from South Korea. American actress Vera Farmiga. 1978 – Lee Ji-ah, a South Korean actress. 1979 – Kim Min-ju, South Korean actress (b. 1983 – Robin van Persie, Dutch footballer. 1987 – Ha Yeon-joo, South Korean actress (b. 1988 – Masataka Kubota, Japanese actress (b. 1990 – Takashi Nikaido, member of the Japanese idol group Kis-My-Ft2. 1992 - Byulsarang, a South Korean singer. 1997 – Kisses, South Korean singer-songwriter (b.


258 – Pope Sixtus II, 24th Pope. 1945 - Victims of the Hiroshima atomic bomb 1660 – Diego Velázquez, Spanish painter (d. 1962 – Shim Hyeong-goo, a South Korean painter (b. 1973 – Fulgencio Batista, Cuban politician (b. 1978 Kim Seok-won, a South Korean soldier. 262 Pope Paul VI. 1997 Park Yong-cheol, a South Korean pilot. South Korean pilot Song