September 26


October 18, 2021

September 26 is the 269th day of the Gregorian calendar (270th in leap years).


46 BC - Julius Caesar, following his oath at the Battle of Pharsalus, dedicated a temple to his legendary ancestor Venus. 1087 - William II becomes King of England. 1810 - The Swedish Parliament inaugurates French Grand Duke Jean Bernadotte (Karl XIV of Sweden) as Crown Prince of Sweden. 1815 - Russia, Austria, and Prussia form a sacred alliance. 1907 - New Zealand and Newfoundland become British Territories. 1921 - Japanese Occupation: About 5,000 Busan dockyard workers, general strike demanding a wage increase 1947 - Soviet Union proposes simultaneous withdrawal of US and Soviet troops from the Korean Peninsula 1949 - The Korean government promulgates the Court Organization Act. 1958 - Myanmar (formerly Burma) General Ne Win takes power in a military coup 1960 - In the United States, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon hold their first televised presidential debate. Yemeni Arab Republic is proclaimed. 1962 - A large fire broke out in Fukue, Nagasaki Prefecture (now Koto City), Japan. 1983 - 1983 A case of misinterpretation of a nuclear weapon signal. 1984 - Great Britain and the People's Republic of China sign the Hong Kong Return Agreement. 2002 - The remains of five people from the disappearance of a Seongseo elementary school student in Waryongsan, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, are found 11 years later. 2003 - The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea rejected the motion to appoint Yoon Seong-sik as the chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection. 2006 - Junichiro Koizumi resigns as Prime Minister of Japan. 2009 - Typhoon Kessana hits the Philippines, People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, killing 700 people. year 2014 - The mass kidnapping of Iguala took place. There was an assault case of politician Kim Hyun-seok's deputy knight. 2016 - The ROK Navy's Lynx helicopter, which participated in the ROK-U.S. combined naval operation in the East Sea, crashed at sea.


1580 - The Golden Hind arrives at Plymouth, England, after Francis Drake's circumnavigation ends. 1895 - Seoul Maedong Elementary School opened 1957 - The musical West Side Story, an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, premieres on Broadway. 1969 - Establishment of Ilgan Sports, a sports daily newspaper in Korea 1991 - Biosphere 2 experiments begin. 1993 - South Korea's Korean Star 2 satellite successfully launched from the Kuru space station in French Guiana in South America. 1998 - Director Jang Seon-woo's Petal Award at the 1st Bangkok International Film Festival 2000 - Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon declared coming out 2001 - CJB JOY FM, a local radio program of SBS Power FM, opened in some areas of Sejong Special Self-Governing Province, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea. (FM 101.5 MHz) 2010 Daehyung Lee achieved 50 stolen bases for the first time in the KBO league for 4 consecutive years. Korea won the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup.


1791 – Theodor Géricault, French painter (d. 1849 – Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist (d. 1870 – Christian X, King of Denmark. 1877 – Alfred Cortot, French pianist (b. 1888 – T. S. Elliott, English poet and critic (b. 1889 – Martin Heidegger, German philosopher (b. 1890 Kim Myung-sik, South Korean socialist activist English footballer Jack Tressaden 1897 - 262 Pope Paul VI. 1898 – George Gershwin, American composer (d. 1901 Kim Jae-jun, a South Korean religionist American actor George Raft. 1904 – Mikola Bazan, Ukrainian writer (b. 1905 – Karl Lapan, Austrian football manager. 1926 – Julie London, an American singer and actress. 1927 – Kim Nam-jo, a South Korean poet (b. 1932 Indian politician Manmohan Singh Russian writer Vladimir Vojnovich. 1937�

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