DESIRE -Passion-


November 30, 2021

(Japanese: DESIRE -情熱- デイザイア じょうねつ[*]) is the 14th single by Japanese singer Akina Nakamori, released on February 3, 1986. (EP: L-1750) The lyrics were written by Yoko Aki, the music was composed by Kisaburo Suzuki, and the arrangement was performed by Kazuo Shiina. Shortly after the release, singer Nakamori's unique stage costumes and choreography presented on a music show became a hot topic and gained popularity. With the hit of the song of the same name, the A side of the single, Nakamori was one of her representative songs that received awards at numerous awards ceremonies, including winning the Japan Record Grand Prize for two consecutive years following 1985. Side B is "LA BOHÈME" (La BOHÈME). Boheme), the lyrics were written by Reiko Yukawa, composed by Takashi Tsushimi, and arranged by Kazuo Shiina.


"DESIRE" was first released as an EP single record on February 3, 1986. The single jacket had the phrase “Please play this record as loud as possible and listen to it.” At the time of the original project, "DESIRE" was the B-side song and "LA BOHÈME" was the A-side song, but Nakamori's strong insistence eventually made "DESIRE" the main song of the single. Nakamori's previous songs have been the basis of her popularity, mainly by garnering enthusiastic support from male fans, but some staff members, including lyricist Yoko Aki, have changed the trajectory this time, and if there are lyrics and melodies that can appeal to female fans, the Japanese record. They claimed that they would be able to achieve the grand prize twice in a row, and this was carried out and a new concept song was produced. Before releasing a single, Nakamori was wearing a kimono when taking a photo of the jacket, and suddenly she said, “I want to stand on stage wearing a kimono for this single.” It was decided to go on a music program in kimono and bob wigs that were improved in a Western style by the staff after consultation. In addition, Akina Nakamori developed a dynamic choreography inspired by a baseball pitcher's pitching posture and sitting with her arms extended at the climax of the song's chorus. It was introduced with the same title in a music program such as Hit Studios at Night, but after the single activity was over, when he released his planned album CD'87, he recorded this song and finally changed the subtitle "-情熱-". added. Since then, broadcast programs, held concerts, and newly released albums have all followed this notation. After its release, this song was also used in an advertisement, and it was also used as an insert song in an advertisement for Pioneer's product “PRIVATE CD 500AV”, where Akina Nakamori was her exclusive model at the time.

Chart grades

〈DESIRE -Passion-〉 topped the charts of several music programs immediately after its release, and on the Tokyo Broadcasting late night music program 《The Best Ten》 for 7 weeks in a row from February 20, 1986 to April 3, the same year. above was achieved. Then, in the first half of the same program, it achieved first place and second place in the year-end special year-end Best Ten. On the Oricon weekly chart, it first climbed on February 17, 1986, and soon reached number one, maintaining the chart's top position for 18 weeks. After that, it took second place on the Oricon annual chart, selling a total of 520,000 copies, gaining popularity.

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