Remapping the Human Soul


August 20, 2022

Remapping The Human Soul is the 4th studio album by the South Korean hip-hop group Epik High, released on January 23, 2007. Consists of 2 CDs, the first CD 〈The Brain〉 contains 13 tracks and the second CD 〈The Heart〉 contains 14 tracks, a total of 27 songs. All albums contain "Fly (Remix)" as a hidden track, and "Fly (Darkness Version)" is included in the album limited to 100 copies. Unlike Epik High's other regular albums, each song has English subtitles. The title song is "Fan" and the follow-up song is "Love Love Love". The music video for "Fan" also became a hot topic with the appearance of Lee Eun-sung, an actress who appeared in the growing drama Banollim and currently married to singer Seo Taiji. Both songs enjoyed great popularity, and this album swept the Golden Disk Bonsang and the Year-end Music Awards in the hip-hop and Album of the Year categories. It has sold over 130,000 copies and is one of three albums to sell 100,000 copies in 2007.


After the success of their 3rd album Swan Songs in 2005, Epik High, who started working on their 4th album, entrusted the performance to Kim Jang-hoon and announced that they would release a new song for their 4th album at the Fight Club concert held on August 25, 2006. , also announced that the new album will contain 30 new songs. In an interview, Epik High revealed that they worked on music that could be listened to regardless of age or taste, and music with soul. Then, on November 24, Epik High and Mi-Ha's Christmas Party vol. With the news of the release of their 4th album in early 2007, Epik High received great attention even before the release of the album, as it was selected as the No. On January 23, 2007, Epik High released Remapping The Human Soul with a showcase and a total of 27 songs (excluding hidden tracks) on 2 CDs. Epik High carefully selected only 27 of the 47 songs they completed for this album and put them on the album. At the showcase hosted by Jo Jung-rin, who was hosting a radio close friend with Tablo, and the dynamic duo, Bobby Kim, Nell, etc., Epik High said, “I prepared this album in the same way I felt when I made my debut album.” “1 The album's title was 'Map of the Human Soul', but I decided to title the album 'Remapping The Human Soul' with the meaning of showing a new side of me using what I've learned in the past three and a half years." In response to the questions held at the showcase, Epik High said that the success of "Fly" from their previous album Swan Songs had been a burden, and that after writing a song similar to "Fly", they made the follow-up song "Love Love Love". The showcase successfully ended with the title songs 'Fan', 'Soul' and 'Love Love Love'. In addition, the mixed group Koyote's Baekga became a hot topic as a photo reporter for the showcase. In a survey conducted by after the showcase, 93% of netizens showed great expectations and responses that Epik High's 4th album would be a success. In the broadcast review conducted by MBC for broadcasting activities after the release of the album, three songs including 'Mr. The album sold a lot and surpassed 100,000 copies in one month. Epik High, which swept No. 1 on various albums and music charts and No. 1 on public music shows, gained popularity by holding a special joint stage with the idol group Big Bang and Music Bank. Popular�