January 10


January 26, 2022

January 10 is the 10th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by another 355 days (356 days in a leap year) until the end of the year.


General 69 - Emperor Galba adopts Lucius Calpurnius Piso Licinianus as heir to the throne and appoints him as vice-emperor. 402 - Emperor Arcadius names his one-year-old son Theodosius II Augustus and heir apparent to the Eastern Roman Empire. 1950 - The Catholic Workers' Movement celebrates its 25th anniversary in a festive manner. 1967 - Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven get married. 1971 - Castle Nederhorst burns out completely. 1991 - Colombia's Maoist guerrilla movement EPL reaches a preliminary peace agreement with the government. Under the agreement, the People's Liberation Army will lay down its arms on March 1. Infrastructure 1863 - The London Underground makes its first ride. It is the first underground in the world. 2021 - Body parts and debris from an old Boeing 737-500 have been found off the coast of Java. The plane with 50 passengers and twelve crew members went missing shortly after take-off in Jakarta. Media 1978 - A nighttime puzzle tour by car, organized by VPRO radio producer Willem de Ridder, ends in chaos when there are 3000 participants instead of the expected handful. 1991 - Photographer Wubbo de Jong of Het Parool wins the Silver Camera 1990. NRC Handelsblad photographer Rien Zilvold is named photojournalist of the year 1990. 2001 - Larry Sanger suggests using a wiki for Nupedia. 2021 - Humberto Tan is back with a talk show after two years. The weekly Humberto is on TV on RTL 4 on Sunday. Louis van Gaal is his first guest. Art and culture 1929 - Publication of Tintin's first comic. 1999 - On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the first publication of the first Tintin story, the Casterman firm publishes a reprint of Tintin au pays des Soviets (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets). Politics 1916 - Russia opens an offensive in the Caucasus against German forces. 1920 - Treaty of the League of Nations (Covenant of the League of Nations) entered into force. 1972 – President Joseph-Désiré Mobutu of Zaire changes his name to Sese Seko kuku Ngbendu wa za Banga, roughly translating "the strong, powerful leader who will bring the country to prosperity". 1984 - After 117 years, the United States and the Vatican re-establish diplomatic ties. 1985 Daniel Ortega is installed as democratically elected president of Nicaragua. 2007 - Karim Masimov becomes the new Prime Minister of Kazakhstan after the previous government resigned just days before. Sport 1979 - Billiard player Raymond Ceulemans and swimmer Carine Verbauwen are named Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year 1978 in Belgium respectively. 1993 - Swimmer Franziska van Almsick breaks her own four-day-old world record in the 100-meter freestyle short course (25 meters) to 53.33 in Beijing. 1999 - Dutch darts player Raymond van Barneveld wins his second Embassy (now Lakeside), the World Darts Championship of the British Darts Organisation, in Frimley Green. 2016 - Sven Kramer becomes European champion all-round speed skating for the eighth time. Science and technology 1901 - Oil is discovered in Texas. 1946 - The US Army conducts the first ever experiment in radio astronomy by sending radar pulses to the Moon and receiving the reflected signal again. 1990 - The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (Jet) makes its maiden flight.


840 - Michael III, Emperor of the Byzantine Empire (died 867) 1480 - Margaret of Austria, regent of the Netherlands (died 1530) 1538 - Louis of Nassau, Dutch Count (died 1574) 1573 - Simon Marius, German astronomer (died 1624) 1721 - Pierre Van Cortlandt, American politician (died 1814) 1769 - Michel Ney, French Marshal

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