January 11


January 23, 2022

January 11 is the 11th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by another 354 days (355 days in a leap year) until the end of the year.


General 1568 - Balthasar of Nassau-Idstein is succeeded by his son Johan Lodewijk I, under the regency of Johan III of Nassau-Saarbrücken. 1693 – Sicily earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale. 1908 - Grand Canyon National Park is established as a national monument. 2011 - More than 500 people are killed in floods and mudslides in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro after torrential rains. 2019 - Heavy snowfall in the Bavarian Alps kills at least 12 people. Crime and safety 2010 - After pleading guilty to the murder of Shana Appeltans and Kevin Paulus, Ronald Janssen also confessed to the murder of student Annick Van Uytsel in 2007. Economics 2007 - Vietnam joins the World Trade Organization, ranked 150th. Media 1990 - NRC Handelsblad photographer Rien Zilvold wins the Silver Camera 1989 for his photos of the revolution in Romania. Theo van Houts of the weekly magazine Panorama has been chosen as photojournalist of the year. War 1814 - Battle of Hoogstraten - The French army is defeated in a series of confrontations in the Noorderkempen in Belgium. 1942 - Japan declares war on the Netherlands and invades the Dutch East Indies. 2013 - France intervenes militarily in Mali to fight AQIM, which is powerful in the self-declared independent northern region of Azawad. 2016 - A Canadian man kidnapped five years ago by the Taliban in Afghanistan on charges of espionage has been freed with the help of Qatar, Foreign Minister Stefan Dion said. Politics 1790 - Following the American example, the "Republic of the United Dutch States" or the "République des États belgiques unis" is proclaimed in the Southern Netherlands. 1890 - The British government presents an ultimatum to Portugal regarding the Portuguese presence in Africa. 1950 - In Italy, the fifth cabinet of Christian Democrat Alcide De Gasperi falls. 1979 Milton Obote, ousted by Idi Amin as head of state of Uganda eight years earlier, calls on Ugandans from his exile in Tanzania for a general uprising against Amin, whom he accuses of "institutionalized gangsterism." 2013 - The people of the Czech Republic go to the polls for the first time to directly elect a president. Religion 1951 - Establishment of the Roman Catholic Episcopal Hierarchy in South Africa with four archdioceses and sixteen dioceses. The ecclesiastical provinces also include Basutoland and Swaziland, each with a diocese. Sport 1953 - Austrian ski jumper Sepp Bradl wins the inaugural edition of the Four Hills Tournament. 2009 - Speed ​​skater Sven Kramer takes first place at the European Championships Allround in Heerenveen. 2012 - Footballer Matías Suárez of RSC Anderlecht receives the 2011 Belgian Golden Shoe in the Casino-Kursaal in Ostend. Science and technology 1787 - William Herschel discovers the first two moons of Uranus: Oberon and Titania. 1820 - France produces the first stainless steel. 1935 - Amelia Earhart is the first to fly solo across the Pacific. 2020 - The Golden Goose Feather will be awarded this year to Abdelkader Benali.


1395 - Michelle of Valois, daughter of Charles VI and first wife of Philip the Good (died 1422) 1503 - Parmigianino, Italian painter and etcher (died 1540) 1746 – William Curtis, English botanist and entomologist (died 1799) 1755 - Alexander Hamilton, American politician (died 1804) 1759 - Vincenzo Lunardi, Italian inventor (died 1806) 1815 - Sir John Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister (died 1891) 1842 - William James, American philosopher and psychologist (died 1910) 1843 - C.Y. O'Connor, Irish engineer and designer of key projects in Western Australia

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