October 11th


October 23, 2021

October 11 is the 284th day of the year (285th day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by 81 days until the end of the year.


General 1992 - The Russian Coast Guard forces a ship belonging to the environmental organization Greenpeace to turn around as it enters a former nuclear weapons test area in the Arctic Ocean without permission. 2011 - Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk, the 31-year-old king of Bhutan, marries a 20-year-old college student. 2014 - The Brazilian city of São Paulo faces its worst drought in 80 years. The drought has reduced the city's water supply to five percent. 2015 - Hundreds of people take part in a demonstration of the German anti-Islam movement Pegida in the Dutch city of Utrecht. It is the first Pegida demonstration on Dutch soil. 2015 - At least 38 people are killed in three suicide bombings on a fish market and a refugee camp in western Chad. 2015 - A suicide bomber in northern Cameroon kills nine people. 2016 - A shooting at Sakhi Temple, a Shia shrine, in the Afghan capital, Kabul, kills at least 14 people, including the gunman. 2016 - In Germany, three people are run over by a freight train. 2017 - The Amsterdam police shoot a man dead in Roosteren, Limburg. Together with a number of other suspects, he wanted to use a helicopter to free a convict from prison in Roermond. 2020 - At least 17 people are killed in a collision between a bus and a train at a railway crossing in Thailand's Chachoengsao province. 2020 - Five people are killed in a collision between two small planes over the French city of Loches. 2020 - In India, the number of COVID-19 infections now exceeds 7 million. This makes India the country with the most infections after the United States. Infrastructure 1978 - Queen Juliana opens the renovated Moerdijk Bridge over the Hollands Diep. 2008 - A diverted Thalys train and the intercity The Hague - Groningen collide at Gouda station, blocking train traffic around Gouda. Economy 2005 - Microsoft settles media player case with competitor RealNetworks by paying $761 million. Media 1965 - First broadcast of Hilversum III. 2020 - Who van de Drie is on television again, this time on SBS6. War 1797 - Battle of Kamperduin. 1899 - Beginning of the Second Boer War between Dutch-speaking Boers from Transvaal and the Orange Free State against the British Empire. 1992 - United Nations mediators fly to UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi to prevent a resurgence of civil war in Angola. They took that step after five people were killed in heavy fighting between UNITA and soldiers in the capital Luanda. 2015 - An Israeli airstrike against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip kills a pregnant Palestinian woman and her three-year-old daughter. 2015 -Turkish airstrikes on PKK targets in southeastern Turkey and in northern Iraq kill 14 fighters from the Kurdish movement. Politics 1614 - Adriaen Block and 12 other Amsterdam merchants petition the States General for exclusive trading rights in the colony of New Netherland. 1976 - Last municipal elections for the reorganization of municipalities in Belgium. 1980 - The political parties KVP, ARP and CHU merge to form the CDA. 1987 – West German politician Uwe Barschel is found dead in a hotel room in Geneva. 2005 - Liberia holds its first free elections since 1997. 2005 - The Generation Pact is presented to the Belgian Parliament by the Verhofstadt II government. 2010 - In Kyrgyzstan, the nationalist opposition party Ata-Ğurt, which supports deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, wins the parliamentary elections with 8.88% of the vote.

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