January 12


January 27, 2022

January 12 is the 12th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by 353 days (354 days in a leap year) until the end of the year.


General 1528 - Gustavus I of Sweden is crowned king. 1807 - Leiden gunpowder disaster. 1979 - The Kindertelefoon is founded. 1997 - The attempt by Bertrand Piccard and Wim Verstraeten to be the first to fly around the world in a balloon fails. The balloon, the Orbiter, makes an emergency landing in the Mediterranean Sea, thirty kilometers south of the French resort of Montpellier. 2010 - Haiti is hit by an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale. Many buildings are destroyed and at least 230,000 people are killed. 2020 - Taal Volcano is erupting again. The eruption was followed by earthquakes. More than 45,000 people have been evacuated, 160,000 people have fled. Crime and safety 1983 - The Chilean Charlie da Silva shoots a compatriot at a fish stall in Amsterdam ('herring murder'). 1987 - Seven New York mob bosses are sentenced to 100 years in prison each. Economy 1986 - In France, comedian Coluche meets for the first time with Les Enfoirés to raise money for the homeless. Art and culture 1997 - French polemicist and writer Jean-Edern Hallier dies of a brain haemorrhage in the Normandy town of Deauville. He was sixty years old. Media 1983 - The first episode of the game program Hoger, lower is broadcast on the BRT. 2015 - Somertijd starts broadcasting on Radio 10. War 1981 South African troops invade southern Angola. 1989 - Nagorno-Karabakh, the embattled Armenian enclave in the Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, is provisionally given "a special form of government," according to the Supreme Soviet presidency chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev. 1993 - The Angolan opposition movement UNITA recaptures the center of the city of Huambo, which it previously had to surrender to government forces. Politics 1950 - In Egypt, a government composed entirely of Wafdists is formed by Mustafa Nahas Pasha, leader of the Wafdists. 1964 – John Okello, a Ugandan soldier, leads a coup in Zanzibar, overthrowing the democratically elected government and the sultan. 1976 - The former ministers Roolvink and Schmelzer as well as Elsevier editor-in-chief Hoogendijk admit that they had provided Gulf Oil Corporation with advice for a hefty payment. 1997 - Nigerian police arrest ex-minister Olu Falae in connection with recent bombings in Lagos. Sport 1961 - Creation of the Ecuadorian football club Club Atlético Green Cross from Manta. 1981 - Jan Zwartkruis resigns as head coach of the Dutch national football team. 1982 - In Bombay, the Netherlands lose 4-2 to Australia in the consolation final of the Hockey World Cup. 2000 - Opening of the Stade de Kégué in the Togolese capital, Lomé. 2014 - Dutch speed skater Jan Blokhuijsen becomes European all-round skating champion. His compatriot Ireen Wüst triumphs in the women's race. Science and technology 2005 - Launch of Deep Impact, the first spacecraft to crash (controlled) onto a comet. The mission consists of a projectile to impact comet 9P/Temple 1 and a probe to detect the impact.


1579 - Jan Baptista van Helmont, Flemish alchemist, physiologist and physician (died 1644) 1591 - José de Ribera, Spanish-Italian painter (died 1652) 1597 - Frans Duquesnoy, Belgian sculptor (died 1643) 1628 - Charles Perrault, French writer (died 1703) 1715 - Jacques Duphly, French composer, organist, and harpsichordist (died 1789) 1729 - Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher and politician (died 1797) 1751 - Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz, German writer (died 1792) 1783 - Erik Gustaf Geijer, Swedish writer, historian, poet, philosopher, and composer (died 1847) 1822 - Etienne Lenoir, Bec

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