January 14


January 26, 2022

January 14 is the 14th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by another 351 days (352 days in a leap year) until the end of the year.


General 1948 - Ans van Dijk is executed. She is the only Dutch woman that this happened to after the Second World War. 1960 - Quay break in Tuindorp Oostzaan leads to the entire Tuindorp being evacuated and flooded for weeks. The Disaster Fund is starting a national collection. 1993 - Unexpected eruption of Colombia's Galeras volcano, which killed 6 volcanologists and 3 tourists. 1997 - The Antillean-Aruban Coast Guard makes a major drug bust. North of the islands of Aruba and Bonaire, the Dutch naval frigate Tjerk Hiddes boarded a motorboat on the high seas on which 558 kilos of cocaine turned out to be hidden. Infrastructure 2008 - Opening of the Blauwtorentunnel, the Gasthuistunnel and the Van Eycktunnel, three tunnels under De Leien in Antwerp. Art and culture 1506 - Rediscovery of the Laocoön group by Felice de Fredi, who, while digging in a vineyard, came across the stones that turned out to be the ceiling of a subterranean room. He immediately warned Pope Julius II. 1900 - Premiere of Giacomo Puccini's opera Tosca in Rome. 2020 - Cabaret duo Waardenberg and De Jong are making their comeback from today after an absence of 20 years with sold-out performances in Nieuwe Luxor Theater in their own Rotterdam. Media 1954 - American actress, Marilyn Monroe marries baseball player Joe DiMaggio. 1997 - The editor-in-chief of the popular French magazine Paris-Match, Roger Therond, is fined 100 thousand francs (about 34 thousand guilders) for publishing two photos of the late President François Mitterrand on his deathbed. War 2010 - The doomsday clock is set back by one minute; it now stands at six minutes to midnight (23:54). Politics 1724 - King Philip V of Spain abdicates in favor of his son, Louis. 1814 - Peace of Kiel signed. 1852 - The French Constitution of 1852 is promulgated. 1903 - A railway strike breaks out in Amsterdam. 1967 - In Togo, the military takes power and General Étienne Eyadéma becomes president and defense minister. 1972 - Margrethe II becomes Queen of Denmark after the death of her father King Frederick IX. 1994 - The government of Georgia and the separatists in the Abkhazia region, after three days of talks, agree to the placement of a part-Russian UN force between their armies. 1999 - The European Commission is battered from a vote of confidence in the European Parliament, held over the discredit of Commissioners Édith Cresson and Manuel Marin. It is decided to set up a 'Committee of Wise Men'. 2007 - The French ruling party UMP elects Nicolas Sarkozy as its candidate for presidential elections in April. 2011 - Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali flees his country after heavy civil unrest. 2012 - Police in Romania fire tear gas at an anti-government demonstration in the capital Bucharest. The demonstrators took to the streets for the third day in a row to express their dismay at budget cuts and falling living standards. Religion 1501 - Martin Luther begins his studies at the university in Erfurt. 1772 - The Grand Master National of d'ancient and Very Reverend Society of the Free and Accepted Metzelaers, in the Republieq of the United Netherlands, jurisdiction of the Generality and subordinate People's Plantations, grants the lodge L'Union Provinciale, located in Groningen (city) its letter of constitution . The Freemasons are active in the Northern Netherlands. Sport 1897 - Argentina's 6,962 m high Aconcagua is climbed for the first time by Matthias Zurbriggen. 1981 - The Dutch hockey team wins the Champions Trophy for the first time in Karachi. 2015 - Out of the hands of Prime Minister Charles Michel and Chelsea goalkeeper Thiba

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