July 5, 2022

The year 1611 is the 11th year in the 17th century according to the Christian era.


May22 - First service in the Zuiderkerk (Amsterdam), the first church built by the Protestants.July12 - The Eternal Edict of 1611 is issued by the Archdukes Albrecht and Isabella. It is the first step towards a general code in the Southern Netherlands. It is stipulated that baptisms, marriages and funerals are mandatory registered by the church.OctoberThe Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, Wolfgang Dirk van Raitenau, orders his troops (about 1000 men) to invade the area of ​​the princely provosty of Berchtesgaden. Duke Maximilian of Bavaria answers this by attacking Salzburg with his army (about 24,000 men). In a few days, the Land of Salzburg is occupied and the Archbishop taken prisoner. See: Salt War (1611).december1 - The Koopmansbeurs, designed by Hendrick de Keyser, is opened on the Vijgendam in Amsterdam. The growing trade in goods and stocks creates a need for a building specifically made for this purpose.undated.In England the King James Version of the Bible, a Bible translation, was published by order of King James I of England. Premiere of 'The Tempest', William Shakespeare's last play. Johannes Kepler describes in his book Dioptrice the operation of an astronomical telescope he developed.


Cornelis Schuyt composes the collections Hymeneo, overo Madrigali nuptiali et altri amorosi and Dodeci Padovane, et altretante Gagliarde Composte nelli dodeci modi

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January 28 - Johannes Hevelius, German-Polish astronomer (died 1687) May 19 - Benedetto Odescalschi, better known as Pope Innocent XI (died 1689) August 9 - Hendrik van Nassau-Siegen, German count, officer and diplomat in the State service, governor of Hulst ( died 1652)date unknownCharles Alphonse du Fresnoy, French poet (died 1668)


February 8 - Jan Huygen van Linschoten (48), Dutch merchant and explorerAugust2 - Kato Kiyomasa (49), Japanese daimyo, one of the Seven Spears of Shizugatake 20 - Tomás Luis de Victoria (63), composerOctober4 - Charles of Mayenne, leader of the French Catholics 30 - Charles IX of Sweden (61), King of Swedendate unknownHenry Hudson (±41), English navigator and explorer, is thrown overboard by his mutinous crew and is never seen again