July 5, 2022

The year 1763 is the 63rd year in the 18th century according to the Christian era.


February 10 - The Peace of Paris is signed. This treaty between Great Britain, France, Spain and Portugal effectively puts an end to the Seven Years' War. 15 - With the Peace of Hubertusburg between the Kingdom of Prussia, the Archduchy of Austria and the Electorate of Saxony, the Seven Years' War is formally ended. 23 - The slaves in the Zeeland-Dutch colony Berbice revolt when the Dutch garrison is reduced to twenty men by "severe fevers". The slave revolt of Berbice, led by Cuffy, can only be suppressed after months of fighting.juni14 - Mutiny breaks out on the VOC ship Nijenburg.juli25 - Stock market crash in Amsterdam as a result of the bankruptcy of the De Neufville brothers that a number of renowned banking houses dragged along.augustusaugustus - International stock market crash as a result of the bankruptcy of the De Neufville brothers on 25 July in Amsterdam. More than a hundred companies in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Berlin have gone bankrupt as a result of the crisis. 18 - The 7-year-old Mozart and his 12-year-old sister give a concert in Frankfurt. Among the spectators is the 13-year-old Goethe.without dateThe German-born Czarina Catherine II of Russia issues a decree allowing German free immigration into Russia. Especially in the uninhabited east, along the banks of the Volga, thousands of Germans settle, often persecuted for their faith. Famine breaks out in Naples. Compulsory education is introduced in Prussia.

Literature and publications

First edition of the Almanach de Gotha. First publication of Belle van Zuylen's 'Le Noble' [De Edelman]


Johann Christian Bach writes his Piano Concertos Opus 1 in London Pieter van Maldere composes the opera La Bagarre Joseph Haydn composes his symphonies no. 12 and 13 Antoine Dauvergne composes Polyxene Carl Friedrich Abel composes 6 sonatas for harpsichord and flute, Opus 6 Wolfgang and Nannerl Mozart give concerts in Europe.

Visual arts



January8 - Johann Jakob Roemer, Swiss physician, botanist, and entomologist (died 1819)March6 - Jean-Xavier Lefèvre, Swiss-French clarinetist, music educator and composer (died 1829)April7 - Domenico Dragonetti, Italian double bassist and composer (died 1846)May8 - Johannes Goldberg, Dutch politician (died 1828)June14 - Johann Simon Mayr, German composer and music teacher (died 1845) 15 - Franz Danzi , German composer and conductor (died 1826) 19 - Johann Baptist Allgaier , German chess grandmaster (deceased 1823) 22 - Étienne Nicolas Méhul , French composer and organist (died 1817) 23 - Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte (died 1814)November8 - Otto Wilhelm Masing, Estonian clergyman and linguist (died 1832)December25 - Claude Chappe, French inventor of the semaphore (died 1805)date unknownMichel Joseph Gebauer, French composer, professor and oboist (died 1812)


January27 - Johan Theodoor van Beieren (59), Cardinal, Prince-Bishop of LiègeFebruary12 - Pierre Carlet de Marivaux (75), French writerMay28 - Diego Silang (32), Filipino insurgent leaderAugust9 - Jan Althuysen (47), Dutch poetSeptember23 - Hendrik Frans van Lint (79), South Netherlandish painterSeptember20 - Gabriela Silang (32), Filipino rebel leaderNovember10 - Joseph François Dupleix (66), French soldierDecember17 - Frederik Christiaan van Saksen (41), Elector of Saxony