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The year 1834 is the 34th year in the 19th century according to the Christian era.


January 1 – The German Zollverein comes into effect. This customs union is the first step towards German unity.februari7 - King Leopold of Belgium founds the Royal Military Academy.april18 - In the USA, Solyman Merrick patents the spanner.mei1 - In Belgium, the law to establish a national rail network enacted; In it, the state decides to build a network of approximately 400 km.June15 - A large-scale pogrom breaks out in the city of Safed in the Ottoman Empire, targeting the city's Jewish community.August14 - King William IV of the United Kingdom ratifies the new English Poor Law, which obliges every municipality to establish a "workhouse". Begging is prohibited. The law does not apply in Scotland.October10 - Buitenzorg, the estate of the Dutch governor-general, is destroyed during an earthquake in West Java. 13 - Under the leadership of Reverend Hendrik de Cock van Ulrum, a first group of Reformed people separate from the Reformed Church. They return to the Dordrecht church order. 18 - In London, the Medieval Palace of Westminster burns down. This Palace will later be resurrected in the form in which we now know it.November19 - A few dozen reformers in Smilde set up their own church congregation, with which the schism reached Drenthe.without dateIn Denmark, the Vierstands meeting is established, a predecessor of the modern parliament. In the Netherlands, an attempt to raise enough money for the construction of a railway line Amsterdam-Cologne failed.


Publication by Jose. A Spanish story written by Nicolaas Beets



January 7 - Philipp Reis, German teacher and inventor (died 1874)February 11 - Leopoldus Passchijn, Belgian politician (died 1901) 16 - Ernst Haeckel , German biologist and philosopher (died 1919) 19 - Herman Snellen, Dutch ophthalmologist and professor of ophthalmology (died 1908)March19 - Rosalie Loveling, Flemish writer (died 1875)April9 - Edmond Laguerre, French mathematician (died 1886) 15 - Thomas François Burgers , South African president (died 1881) 23 - Marie Adrien Perk, Dutch clergyman and writer (died 1916)May5 - Viktor Hartmann, Russian architect, sculptor and painter (died 1906) 9 - Johannes Isaak de Rochemont, soldier in the KNIL and adjutant to Governor-General Loudon (died 1914)June14 - Emil Stang, Norwegian politician (died 1912)July2 - Hendrick Peter Godfried Quack, Dutch historian (died 1917) 14 - James McNeill Whistler , American painter (died 1903) 19 - Edgar Degas, French Impressionist painter (died 1917)August 1 - Mariane van Hogendorp, Dutch social reformer and feminist (died 1909) 4 - John Venn , British mathematician (died 1923) 15 - Gerrit Jan Wilbrink, Dutch notary (died 1907) 17 - Peter Benoit , Flemish composer (died 1901) 29 - Hermann Sprengel, German chemist and physicist (died 1906)September15 - Giuseppe Borsalino, Italian designer of the borsalino hat (died 1900) 25 - Désiré Van Monckhoven, Belgian scientist (died 1882)December16 - Léon Walras, French economist (died 1910)date unknownJacob Davis, inventor of jeans (died 1908)


January31 - Evert Maaskamp (65), publisher, bookseller and print dealer in AmsterdamFebruary26 - Alois Senefelder (62), German inventor of lithography or lithographyMay20 - Gilbert du Motier de la Fayette (76), French aristocratJuly27 - Henry Bathurst (72), 3rd Earl of Bathurst and British politicianAugust4 - Ralph Dundas Tindal (61), Dutch soldierNovember18 - Johannes ter Pelkwijk (65), Dutch Statesman December23 - Robert Malthus (68), British demographer and economist

Weather extremes in Belgium

January 24: highest 24-hour average

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