July 5, 2022

The year 1894 is the 94th year in the 19th century according to the Christian era.


January 15 - A department store is opened in the Rue La Fayette in Paris. It will grow into one of the most prestigious stores in the world, and become the parent site of Galeries Lafayette.februari6 - An official national team comes into action for the first time in an international football match. On the exercise grounds of the on-duty militiamen on the Linker Rottekade in Rotterdam, Felixtowe Club lost 1-0. March25-26 - The Quaregnon Charter was approved at the Easter congress of the Belgian Workers' Party. 26 - Jules de Burlet becomes Prime Minister of Belgium.mei9 - Sworn in in the Netherlands of the Röell cabinet. 26 - Emanuel Lasker becomes World Chess Champion in Montreal; he takes over the title from Wilhelm Steinitz. June3 - Opening of the Fruithal and Korenbeurs in Utrecht, on the site of the old Vredenburg. 23 - Creation of the International Olympic Committee. 25 - In an open carriage on the way to the Lyon exhibition, French President Carnot is stabbed to death by the Italian anarchist Caserio.July4 - Founding of the Swiss football club FC La Chaux-de-Fonds.August1 - Japan declares war on China. Hostilities aimed at hegemony over Korea have long since begun. 17 - Russia and France conclude the treaty Dual Entente, as a counterpart to the Three League. 26 - The Social Democratic Workers' Party (SDAP) is founded in De Atlas drinking and dining room on the Ossenmark in Zwolle.september30 - Foundation of the Nederlandse Vegetarierenbond.oktober14 - The artistic association Chat Noir is founded in Bruges. 15 - The French Minister of War Mercier signs the arrest warrant of Captain Alfred Dreyfus. 26 - The ANWB places the first signposts along the Rotterdam - Utrecht route. They are made of wood and quickly disappear in stoves and stoves. 29 - The moderate Roman Catholic Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst becomes Chancellor of Germany.November5 - A wildcat strike breaks out in the diamond industry in Amsterdam. 6 - The Nederlandsch-Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorwegmaatschappij opens the railway line from Pretoria in the Boer Republic of Transvaal to the port city of Lourenço Marques in Portuguese Mozambique. 13 - Henri Polak and other strike leaders set up the General Dutch Diamond Workers' Union in Amsterdam. 21 - After an artillery shelling, some 18,000 Japanese soldiers invade the city of Port Arthur. The 12,000 Chinese soldiers barely resist and a day later the city is completely in Japanese hands. For four days, Japanese troops murdered Chinese prisoners of war and civilians, including women and children. 28 - The main chiefs on Lombok put themselves under the authority of the Dutch gouvernement.december22 - In a great storm, which means a disaster for Scheveningen, 25 ships are lost. The Scheveningen fishermen are pushing for the construction of a harbour. 28 - End of the Lombok War.undatedJ.L.A. Brandes rescues the Kakawin Nagarakretagama from the palace at Tjakranagara on Lombok as KNIL soldiers are about to set the building on fire. The French capture Timbuktu. Otto Lilienthal invents the glider. Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay show that argon exists in the air. Wilhelm Dörpfeld ends his excavations in Troy. The construction of the Reichstag is completed. The very first diesel engine runs for the period of one minute.



In Vienna, at the Theater an der Wien, the operetta Der Obersteiger by Carl Zeller will be premiered Antonin Dvořák writes the American suite Opus 98b Finnish composer Jean Sibelius composes Spring Song, Opus 16 Sergei Rachmaninov composes Caprice Bohemien, Opus 12 Claude Debussy composes Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune Jules Massenet writes the opera Thaïs January 4: first onion