August 13, 2022

The year 1895 is the 95th year in the 19th century according to the Christian era.


January5 - French army captain Alfred Dreyfus is sentenced to life imprisonment during a secret trial for espionage and deported to Devil's Island.February17 - The New York Journal publishes the first comic strip: The Yellow Kid, the adventures of a boy in a yellow shirt, with texts in balloons for the first time. 28 - Rotterdam annexes the neighboring municipalities of Kralingen and Charlois. As a result, Katendrecht also becomes a neighborhood in Rotterdam. March20 - A load of dynamite explodes across the border at Lobith. The cargo consists of 9,000 crates with a weight of 225,000 kilos, spread over six ships. Just after 6:30 p.m., a loud explosion is heard a few seconds later, followed by two more explosions. One of the ships exploded, killing 13. Windows are broken up to ten kilometers in the area. Miraculously, the other ships are spared despite two ships being sunk. The bang was even noticed in Friesland and Groningen. In the Achterhoek people think there is an earthquake going on. 22 - The Lumière brothers shoot the first film.April11 - The Cuban poet and nationalist José Martí leads a landing of Cuban exiles and joins the troops of the rebellious general Máximo Gómez. 16 - Foundation of Hockey and Bandy Club "Haarlem & Omstreken", one of the predecessors of the current HC Bloemendaal. 17 - The peace treaty of Shimonoseki is signed between China and Japan. China thereby recognizes the independence of Korea and, together with the Liaodong Peninsula, must also cede Taiwan and Penghu to Japan. 23 - Three Countries intervention against Japan, which is asked to return Liaodong to China.mei7 - Aleksandr Popov demonstrates radiotelegraphy for members of the Russian Society of Physics and Chemistry. 19 - José Martí is killed in battle with Spanish troops at the Battle of Dos Ríos 25 - Oscar Wilde is sentenced to two years in prison for sodomy.July11 - The Lumière brothers show their film to scientists.August10 - First performance of the Proms. 19 - The first cabaret performance in the Netherlands takes place in a night venue in Amsterdam's Quellijnstraat. The 27-year-old Eduard Jacobs has brought the art form from Paris.september11 - The Belgian parliament approves the construction of a new harbor for Bruges, the current Zeebrugge. 15 - In Belgium, the Schollaert Act (fourth organic law on primary education) comes into force.October15 - First lectures at the London School of Economics, founded by the Fabian Society with money donated by Sidney Webb and Beatrice Potter. 30 - The city of Erzurum in the Ottoman Empire is the scene of a pogrom against the Armenian population of the city. About 1,200 people are reported to have lost their lives.November1 - In the Kurdish-Turkish city of Diyarbakir, after Friday prayers, heavy riots broke out. The Christians in the city are mainly targeted by Armenians and Arameans. More than 3000 of them fled in churches and among others the French consulate. When the riots subsided after three days, at least 1000 Armenians appear to have been killed. Another 1000 people are missing. 8 - Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovers the X-rays named after him. 25 - Establishment of the Bruges Maritime Establishments Company with the aim of constructing the seaport of Zeebrugge. 27 - Alfred Nobel makes his will and in it creates the Nobel Prizes.December29 - Leander Starr Jameson starts the Jameson Raid in the South African Republic.undated Guglielmo Marconi makes the first successful radio contact. The Venice Biennale is held for the first time. Opening of Bell Island's iron ore mines in Newfoundland. Due to a ban in Russia, the publication of the magazine Esperantisto is discontinued (see history of Esp