January 27, 2022

The year 1916 is a year according to the Christian era.


January 1 – Russia opens an attack on Austria-Hungary. While the fighting over the next few days leaves both sides with many casualties, both sides' area gains are negligible. 6-7 - Battle of Mojkovac: The Montenegrins under a Janko Vukotić manage to repel and drive back an attack by an almost 5 times larger Austrian army on Mojkovac, giving the Serbs more time to retreat towards Albania. 6-8 - Battle of Sheikh Saad: British forces under George Younghusband, destined to break open the siege of Al Koet and relieve the troops under Charles Townshend, defeat the Ottomans, who are forced to retreat upriver, with great loss of men . 8 - The last Allied soldiers are evacuated from the coast of Gallipoli. 8 - Austria-Hungary invades Montenegro. 13 - Battle of the Wadi - George Younghusband manages to push through again despite Ottoman resistance, but again suffers heavy casualties in men. 13 and 14 - Flood around the Zuiderzee. Many dykes are breaking, causing many places and extensive farmlands in North Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland to be flooded. This disaster will lead to the Zuiderzee Act of 1918, dyke reinforcement, and ultimately to the construction of the Afsluitdijk. 16 - The Russians go on the attack in Transcaucasia. 17 - The Russians take Köprüköy. The Turks retreat to Erzurum. 18 - The Germans leave southern Cameroon and withdraw to (Spanish) Equatorial Guinea. 19 - The British submarine HMS H6 runs aground in the Frisian sea inlet near Schiermonnikoog. Because the United Kingdom is at war and the Netherlands is neutral, the H6 is confiscated. 19 - King Nicholas I of Montenegro flees to France, marking the end of the Montenegrin campaign. Hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers flee to Albania. 155,000 survivors will be transferred by Allied ships to the island of Corfu. By the end of the month, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania will be in the hands of the Central Powers. 21 - Battle of Hanna: British forces in Mesopotamia under Fenton Aylmer, sent out to break open the siege of Al Kut, are defeated by the Ottomans, killing a quarter, and retreat to Ali Gharbi. 23 - The Austrians occupy Scutari. 26 - Montenegro capitulates against Austria-Hungary. The Austrians continue their advance and invade Albania. 29 - The first British tank, the Mark I, begins its first tests.February1 - The British freighter Franz Fischer is the first ship to be sunk by an aerial bombardment. 1 - Russian Prime Minister Ivan Goremykin resigns and is replaced by Boris Stürmer. (exact date uncertain) 5 - (Switzerland) - In Zurich, the Cabaret Voltaire, the meeting point of the Dadaists, opens its doors. 10 - The evacuation of Serbian troops from Albania to Corfu and Italy is completed. 14 - The Bulgarian army occupies Fier, and claims to have complete control of the southern 1/3 of Albania. 14 - Romania declares that its mobilization is complete. 16 - The Russians take Erzurum. 20 - It becomes known that Russian interior minister Alexei Khvostov is involved in a plot to assassinate Rasputin. 21 - (France) - The attack of the German Fifth Army on the fortress of Verdun begins one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War, the Battle of Verdun. On this one day, the Germans fire 1 million rounds of artillery. February-July - A total of 600,000 soldiers are killed in the Battle of Verdun without significant military progress. 24 - The Germans reach a breakthrough north of Verdun. For the first time since the First Battle of the Marne, either side made significant gains on the western front. 25 - D

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