October 17, 2021

The year 1947 is a year according to the Christian era.


January 1 - The American and British zones of occupation in Germany are merged. 10 - The United Nations Security Council approves the creation of the free zone Trieste. 17 - A load of grenades explodes on the grounds of the gunpowder factory in Muiden. The damage to the town is extensive and 17 people are killed. 26 - A KLM plane crashes in the plane crash near Copenhagen. All 22 passengers, including the Swedish hereditary prince Gustaaf Adolf and the American opera singer Grace Moore, died.February8 - In Friesland, the ninth Elfstedentocht is won by Jan van der Hoorn. 10 - At the Peace of Paris, a number of border changes in Europe by the Second World War are undone or confirmed. For example, Romania gets Zevenburgen back from Hungary, but permanently loses Moldova to the Soviet Union. Italy gets South Tyrol from Austria but has to cede Istria to Yugoslavia. A large influx of refugees starts from that peninsula. 12 - French fashion designer Christian Dior presents his first collection: the New Look. 25 - In Law #46, the Allied Control Council dissolves the Free State of Prussia. March Louis Mountbatten, great-nephew of British King George VI, takes office as the last governor of India. 9 The Ben Hecht, carrying hundreds of Jewish illegal immigrants, is intercepted off the coast of Palestine by a British destroyer. The ship is taken by tugboat to Haifa, where the immigrants are deported to internment camps in British Cyprus. 12 - President Harry S. Truman declares the Truman Doctrine: The United States will help democratic countries threatened by a coup or civil war, especially if it is communist in nature. 24 - Thirteen miners are killed in a fire in the Hendrik state mine in Brunssum. 29 - Beginning of the Malagasy Revolt against the French colonial administration in Madagascar. April 15 - Jackie Robinson makes his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first black baseball player in the Major League. In doing so, he breaks a rule that has kept whites and Afros separate in baseball. 16-17 - In the harbor of Texas City, fire breaks out in the French ship SS Grandcamp loaded with ammonium nitrate, which explodes as a result. Due to the resulting fires, the SS High Flyer, which was loaded with ammonium nitrate and sulfur, exploded the next day. There are more than 500 dead and 3,000 injured. 18 - The British detonate large amounts of explosives left over from the war on the German rock island of Heligoland. However, Operation Big Bang does not lead to the intended destruction of the strategically located island itself. 20 - King Christian X of Denmark dies. His son Frederik IX succeeds him. 25 - The Dutch government orders Prof. Eduard Meijers to design a new Civil Code. 28 - Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl leaves Peru on a counterfeit Inca raft to Tahiti, together with Knut Haugland, Herman Watzinger, Bengt Dannielson, Erik Hesselberg and Torstein Raaby. Instead, he will be stranded after 101 days on Tuamotu.mei1 - Under the leadership of Albert de Smaele, the daily newspaper De Standaard appears again. The talks on an independent and united India fail. Muslims and Hindus are growing further and further apart. A disappointed Mahatma Gandhi withdraws from public life. 3 - Execution of the Amsterdam police inspector and war criminal Bram Harrebomée. 5 - French Prime Minister Ramadier expels the communist ministers from his government. 9 - American murderer Willie Francis is executed again by electrocution at age 17, after his first execution failed on May 3, 1946. 11 - The Ferrari 125 S, the first racing car under Enzo Ferrari's own name, debuts

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