August 13, 2022

The year 1962 is a year according to the Christian era.


January 1 - In Belgium, the right to claw gait and stubble pasture is abolished. 1 - It is now illegal to keep a draft dog in the Netherlands. The last 23 draft dogs are retiring. 1 - Western Samoa gains independence from New Zealand. 1 - An unknown band, The Beatles, auditions for Decca and is rejected. 8 - The worst train accident in Dutch history takes place at Harmelen. 92 are killed. This accident demonstrates the need for Automatic Train Control (ATB). 15 - Battle of Vlakke Hoek: The Dutch naval vessel Jan Evertsen clashes in the waters of New Guinea with four Indonesian motor torpedo boats that want to drop infiltrators on the islet.februari10 - On the Glienicker Brücke between Potsdam and West Berlin, the Soviet spy becomes Rudolf Abel traded against American U-2 pilot Gary Powers. 13 - The Carstensz pyramid on New Guinea is climbed by the alpinists Heinrich Harrer, Philip Temple, and Russell Kippax and the Dutch mission father Bert Huizenga. Harrer calculates a height of 5,211 meters for the summit. 16-17 - 1962 storm surge, major flooding on the coasts of the German Bight. 20 - The Mercury MA-6 is launched with John Glenn aboard. He is the third American in space, but the first American in orbit around the earth. March2 - In Burma, General Ne Win commits a coup d'état; the government is arrested and replaced by a revolutionary council. 18 - France and the Algerian liberation movement FLN sign the Evian Accords, which herald the end of the Algerian War.april16 - Bob Dylan sings Blowin' in the Wind for the first time to an audience in a hall in Greenwich Village, New York.mei14 - Juan Carlos, later king of Spain, married Sofia of Greece in Athens. 24 - The Mercury MA-7 is launched with Scott Carpenter on board.June1 - Professional football club Roda JC is founded in Kerkrade after a merger between Roda Sport and Rapid JC. 1 - In Israel the German war criminal Adolf Eichmann is hanged. 1 - Beginning of the Novocherkassk Uprising and Massacre (Soviet Union). 11 - Three inmates escape from Alcatraz prison. 16 - Priestly ordination of Tiny Muskens, the later bishop of the diocese of Breda. 17 - Brazil prolongs the world title in Chile by beating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final of the World Cup.July1 - Rwanda and Burundi are now independent and separated again. The two then German East African territories were placed under the guardianship of Belgium in 1919 by the League of Nations and given the provincial name Ruanda-Urundi. The capital of Rwanda will be Kigali, while Usumbura will become the capital of Burundi. 1 - In 6000 polling stations, the Algerians express themselves with an overwhelming majority on their right to self-determination. 3 - French President Charles de Gaulle declares that at 10.38 am officially ended 132 years of French rule over Algeria. 5 - In San Francisco Bay, the infamous Alcatraz Prison is closed. The 269 prisoners currently held there are being distributed among other institutions. 9 - The United States detonates a hydrogen bomb over the Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, at an altitude of 320 kilometers. A hole is punched in the ionosphere. 10 - The NV "Sidérurgie Maritime", abbreviated Sidmar, is established to operate a steel factory in Ghent. The initiators are located in Luxembourg and Wallonia. 12 - During the 8 o'clock TV news broadcast, we reach the first images transmitted by the American Telstar satellite. 17 - The US Senate rejects a bill introducing Medicare for the elderly.August5 - Marilyn Monroe commits suicide. 5 - Nelson Mandela is arrested. 6 - Jamaica becomes independent from the V