1 augustus


August 19, 2022

August 1 is the 213th day of the year (214th in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by another 152 days until the end of the year.


General 1674 - A tornado ravages the city of Utrecht; the nave of the Dom Church collapses, making the tower completely detached from the choir. The Pieterskerk also suffered major damage. 1855 - First ascent of Monte Rosa, the second highest peak in the Alps. 1907 - Robert Baden-Powell founds the Boy Scouts. 1941 - Hillegersberg, Overschie and Schiebroek are added to the municipality of Rotterdam. 1944 - Anne Frank writes for the last time in her diary. 2002 - Start of the Early Childhood Education project to reduce educational disadvantage at the beginning of primary school. Architecture and architecture 1936 - After a thorough renovation, the former palace of King Willem II in Tilburg, after being used as the Rijks-HBS for more than 70 years, is taken into use by Mayor Frans Vonk de Both as Tilburg's town hall, and becomes known as the Palace-Raadhuis. 2010 - In Brasilia, during its 34th meeting, the World Heritage Committee expands the UNESCO World Heritage List to include the Amsterdam canal belt. Crime and safety 1990 - After a brief five-day hostage operation, extremist Muslim rebels in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, surrender. Forty people, including several ministers, were released. 2002 - The remains of Marion and Romy van Buuren, who had been missing for five years, are found in the dunes of Egmond and Bergen. Economy 1866 - Belgium is the ninth Western country to sign a Friendship and Trade Treaty with the Japanese shogunate. Infrastructure 1900 - SCH 282 Dina Elisabeth sinks, 9 dead. 1915 - The railway line Uithoorn - Alphen aan den Rijn is opened. 2007 - In Minneapolis, the 40-year-old I-35W Mississippi River Bridge over the Mississippi collapses during the evening rush hour. Media 1972 - André Spoor acts as sole editor-in-chief of the new merger newspaper NRC Handelsblad. 1981 - At 00:01 hours the first broadcast of music channel MTV starts in the United States. The first video clip to be broadcast is Video Killed the Radio Star by (The) Buggles. 1987 - MTV Europe is launched in the Netherlands. The first video clip to be broadcast is Money for Nothing by the Dire Straits. 2015 - The 1750th episode of the weekly radio program News Show aired. War 69 - Batavian Revolt: The Batavians in Germania Inferior, led by Julius Civilis, revolt against the Romans. 1578 - In the broader context of the Eighty Years' War, an armed clash between Spanish troops and a State army led by Maximilian van Bossu takes place in Rijmenam. The Spaniards lose out. 1664 – The Ottoman Empire is defeated by the Habsburg army at the Battle of Szentgotthárd, an event that will result in the Peace of Vasvár. 1798 – Battle of the Nile in which the British fleet under Horatio Nelson defeats the French. 1914 – Germany, as a treaty partner of Austria-Hungary, declares war on Russia and invades Luxembourg. 1944 – The Warsaw Uprising against the German occupiers breaks out in Warsaw, Poland. 1990 - Iraq-Kuwait reconciliation talks in the Saudi city of Jeddah are ended without result. 2010 - The Dutch soldiers of the Operation Task Force Uruzgan begin their withdrawal from the Afghan province of Uruzgan. 2012 - During Syria's civil war, Syrian government forces tortured and killed 43 youths in an operation in Jdaidet Artuz district. 2016 - Taliban fighters attack a hotel in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Politics 527 Justinian I succeeds his uncle Justin I as emperor of the Byzantine Empire. 608 - Dedication of a column and statue in the Roman Forum to Emperor Phocas. 1876 ​​- Colorado becomes the 38th state