January 26, 2022

The year 2008 is a year according to the Christian era. It is a leap year, so it has 366 days.


January1 - Introduction by the UCI of the blood passport for cyclists. For example, abnormal blood values ​​due to doping must be able to be determined more quickly. 1 - Malta and Cyprus now also have the euro as a means of payment. 1 - Remarkable football transfer: Kenneth Pérez immediately returns to Ajax and leaves PSV. He previously left Ajax for PSV at the start of the season. 2 - Oil price crosses US$100 for the first time. 4 - Barack Obama wins first Democratic Party primaries in Iowa in US presidential election. 5 - Georgia has early presidential elections following street protests in November 2007. 21 - The A37 opens. 24 - Prime Minister Romano Prodi of Italy resigns after losing a confidence vote in parliament. 26 - The Dutch bishop Wim Eijk is officially installed as Archbishop of Utrecht. 28 - The first EGTC in the whole European Union is the Eurometropolis Lille - Kortrijk - Tournai. 29 - Samak Sundaravej is sworn in as Thailand's new prime minister.February2 - The capital of Chad, N'Djamena, is attacked by rebels. 3 - Joran van der Sloot is unmasked in a very well watched TV broadcast, made by Peter R. de Vries, about the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. 4 - The presentation of the Flemish Culture Awards is the first broadcast on Canvas+, the digital part of Canvas. 10 - Egypt win the Africa Cup of Nations at the expense of Cameroon by winning 1-0 at Accra, Ghana. 11 - The Groningen municipality of Oldambt announces that it wants to return the hamlet of Ganzedijk to nature, because of the population decline. 15 - In the US state of Illinois, a young man in the auditorium of a university kills six students and then commits suicide. 15 - American adventurer Steve Fossett has been officially pronounced dead, having been missing since September 3, 2007. 17 - Kosovo unilaterally declares independence from Serbia. 18 - The United Kingdom government nationalizes the Northern Rock bank, which has been in trouble due to the credit crisis. 24 - Fidel Castro is, after 49 years, succeeded by his brother Raúl Castro as leader of Cuba. 25 - Lee Myung-bak takes office as president of South Korea.March1 - 52 Palestinians and 2 Israelis are killed in airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. 1 - Colombia's military conducts a raid in Ecuador against a camp of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a diplomatic crisis ensues. 2 - Bruno Valkeniers is elected new party chairman by 94.6 percent of the executives of Vlaams Belang. 2 - The Russians elect a successor to Vladimir Putin. The dead candidate Dmitry Medvedev wins with 70% of the vote. According to observers from the Council of Europe, the presidential elections have not been free. The opponents were Gennady Zyuganov (10%), the ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky (18%) and the outsider Andri Bogdanov (2%). 14 - Riots in Tibet against Chinese rule. 20 - Belgium finally has a government, after 9 months of negotiations. Easter 23 - Easter Monday falls on this date, which is extremely early. (The earliest date is March 22) 24 - Parliamentary elections are held in Bhutan for the first time. 27 - The anti-Koran film Fitna of the politician Geert Wilders is published on the internet. 28 - Scientists have discovered what is believed to be the oldest sound clip ever recorded. It is a voice (presumably by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville) that sings Au clair de la lune. The 1860 recording was found in an archive in Paris.April2 - Albania and Croatia join NATO at a meeting in Bucharest. 3 - The border crossing in Nicosia's Ledra Street between Turkish- and Greek-speaking Cyprus opens. 3 - 19 people

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