June 20


July 5, 2022

June 20 is the 171st day of the year (172nd day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by 194 days until the end of the year.


General 1596 - Johan Lodewijk I van Nassau-Idstein is succeeded by his son Johan Philip. 1837 - Victoria succeeds her late uncle William IV as Queen of the United Kingdom. 1856 - Charles III succeeds his late father Florestan I as Prince of Monaco. 1906 - Utrecht's first electric tram line is opened. 1943 - The Germans deport 5,500 Jews to Westerbork in a raid in Amsterdam. 1948 - The Allies introduce the D-mark in West Germany. 1995 - Belgium is struck just before 4 a.m. by a mild earthquake that can be felt almost throughout the country. The epicenter is in Houdeng near La Louvière, a town between Charleroi and Mons. The shock has a magnitude of 4.5 on the Richter scale. 2017 - Brussels-Central Station was hit by a bomb attack. The attack failed and there were no injuries. War 451 – Battle of the Catalaunian Fields: The Huns and a foederati contingent (allies) under Attila the Hun are driven back at Troyes (Grand Est) by the Roman army (30,000 men) commanded by Flavius ​​Aëtius, but not definitively defeated. 1944 – The Japanese aircraft carrier Hiyo is sunk by torpedo bombers from the American aircraft carrier Belleau Wood during the Battle of the Philippine Sea. Politics 1789 - At Versailles, representatives of the Third Estate and their sympathizers from the lower clergy and nobility take the Oath on the Kaatsbaan. 1863 - West Virginia joins the United States as the 35th state. 1960 - The Mali Federation, made up of Mali and Senegal, gains independence from France. 1990 - In South Africa, parliament passes a law abolishing racial segregation in public places. 1991 - The German Bundestag designates Berlin as the new capital. 2003 - Action Committee Stop MARTIJN is established and its main objective is to force the Association MARTIJN to disband on the basis of the current morality legislation. 2012 - Former Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase makes a suicide attempt after the Supreme Court sentenced him earlier in the day to two years in prison for corruption. Religion 1667 Cardinal Giulio Rospigliosi is elected Pope Clement IX. 1927 - Pope Pius XI creates two new cardinals, including the Belgian Archbishop of Mechelen Jozef Van Roey. Sport 1968 - American athlete Jim Hines sets the world record in the 100 m at 9.9 s. 1976 - Czechoslovakia win the European Football Championship in Belgrade by beating defending champions West Germany in the final on penalties (5-3). 1987 - At Auckland's Eden Park Stadium, host nation New Zealand win the first official Rugby World Cup by beating France 29-9 in the final. 2007 - The Netherlands national under-21 football team beats England at the European Championship in Heerenveen after taking 16 penalties, reaching the final against Serbia. 2003 - Start of the Special Olympics in Dublin. 2017 - Football club Boca Juniors wins the league title in Argentina for the 32nd time. Science and technology 1877 - Alexander Graham Bell establishes the first commercial telephone service in Hamilton, Ontario. 1908 - Melitta Bentz, a housewife from Dresden patents the coffee filter. 1926 - Demonstration of the first cordless telephone in Berlin. 1981 - Thousands of people walk through the under construction Hemtunnel between Zaandam and Amsterdam to celebrate the milestone that the submersion of tunnel sections under the North Sea Canal has been successful. 1983 - The crew of space shuttle Challenger launches the Indonesian communications satellite Palapa-B1, belonging to the telecommunications company Telkom. 1989 - Opening of the House of the Future.


1566 - Sigismund III of Poland,