June 23


July 5, 2022

June 23 is the 174th day of the year (175th day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by another 191 days until the end of the year.


General 1985 - A bomb aboard Air India Flight 182 crashes the Boeing 747 off the coast of Ireland, killing all 329 on board. 1997 - Much of the central Netherlands is hit by a power outage. As a result, train traffic around Utrecht has come to a standstill for hours. 2008 - An oak wedding is celebrated for the first time in the Netherlands. An Amstelveen couple has been married for eighty years on this date, a milestone that has never been reached before. Art and culture 2006 - In Paris, the new Musée du quai Branly opens its doors. Music 1978 - For the first time a pop concert is held in De Kuip (Feijenoord stadium) in Rotterdam. More than 50,000 fans witness the performance of Bob Dylan, who is making his first European tour. War 1585 - Battle of Amerongen. The Dutch army is defeated by the Spanish troops in the floodplains of the Lower Rhine near Amerongen. 1914 - Mexican Revolution: Capture of Zacatecas by the Pancho Villa rebels. 1994 - President Nelson Mandela of South Africa accepts a United Nations request to mediate between the warring factions in Angola. 1994 - France is given the green light by the UN Security Council to intervene in the civil war in Rwanda. Six hundred men are involved in the first actions of Operation Turquoise. Politics 1252 - Breda buys privileges, which for a long time was regarded as obtaining city rights. 1298 - Roman King Adolf of Nassau is deposed and Albert I of Austria is chosen as his successor. 1305 - Treaty of Athis-sur-Orge concluded between County of Flanders and France. 1971 - The six countries of the EEC and the United Kingdom agree to join the UK in the Euromarket in 1973. 1990 - Moldova declares itself a sovereign state. 2011 - Dutch politician Geert Wilders is acquitted by the court of all charges, including hate speech and group insult. 2012 - The Bolivian government decides to deploy the military to ensure safety on public roads as a police strike threatens to spiral out of control. 2015 - Rwanda reacts furiously to the arrest in London of the country's spy boss, Karenzi Karake. President Paul Kagame's confidant was arrested at Spain's request on suspicion of genocide, crimes against humanity and terrorism. 2016 - The British vote in a majority vote (51.9%) in favor of ending membership of the European Union. Religion 1951 Washington State in the United States becomes an independent Roman Catholic ecclesiastical province with the Archdiocese of Seattle, the Diocese of Spokane, and the new Diocese of Yakima 1999 - Appointment of the Dutchman Hugo van Stitchelenburg bishop of Almenara in Brazil. Sport 1894 – The International Olympic Committee is founded at the Sorbonne in Paris, at the initiative of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. 1923 - Founding of the Romanian football club Rapid Bucharest. 1968 - Jozef Adamec, on behalf of Czechoslovakia, becomes the first footballer ever to score a hat-trick against Brazil in a friendly match against Brazil in Bratislava. 1974 - The Netherlands national football team sidelines Bulgaria 4-1 in the third group match at the 1974 World Cup in West Germany. Johan Neeskens uses two penalty kicks. 1991 - In Paris, the Dutch hockey team loses to Germany in the final of the European Championship. 2007 - The Dutch Juniors win the European Under 21 Football Championship by beating Young Serbia 4-1 in the final. 2007 - In Vaasa, athlete Guus Hoogmoed improves the six-year-old Dutch record in the 100 meters set by Troy Douglas (10.19 seconds) with a time of 10.1