29 april


May 17, 2022

April 29 is the 119th day of the year (120th day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by 246 days until the end of the year.


General 1942 - Major explosion at Tessenderlo Chemie in Tessenderlo with 189 deaths and massive destruction. The probable cause is the explosion of caked ammonium nitrate that workers wanted to burst with dynamite. 1964 - Marriage of Princess Irene to Carel Hugo of Bourbon-Parma in Rome. Afterwards, they are received in audience by Pope Paul VI. 1992 - Race riots erupt in Los Angeles after a white judge acquits four white police officers of assaulting Rodney King. 2011 - The wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. 2016 - A helicopter with 13 people on board crashes off the coast of Norway. Media 1971 - The first TV broadcast of On Loose Grooves, presented by Chiel Montagne. 2017 - The hundredth De Kwis with Brigitte Kaandorp as a guest is celebrated "exuberantly". Music 1979 - Kate Bush gives her first concert in the Netherlands at the Royal Theater Carré. 2018 - ABBA has recorded new songs for the first time since 1981, it concerns 2 songs that will be released in December 2018. War 1672 – Dutch War: Louis XIV of France invades the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. 1945 - Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun. 1945 – Dachau Concentration Camp is liberated by US troops. 1945 - Operation Manna starts: Western Netherlands is supplied with food from the air by the RAF. 1975 - US troops flee Saigon from the North Vietnamese army. Actual end of the Vietnam War. Politics 1910 - Theodore Roosevelt, then former president of the United States, visits Amsterdam. 1945 - Founding of the General Belgian Trade Union Confederation (ABVV). 1972 - King Ntare V of Burundi is killed when insurgents attempt to free him from his palace. 1992 – A five-member military council reports it has seized power in Freetown, the capital of the West African country of Sierra Leone. 2016 - The 783 corruption charges against South Africa's president Jacob Zuma were falsely dropped in 2009, a supreme court ruled. Recreation 2000 - Opening of Plopsaland De Panne in De Panne. It is the first Plopsa park. 2010 - Opening of Plopsa Indoor Coevorden in Coevorden (Netherlands). It is the fourth Plopsa Park. Religion 1670 - Cardinal Emilio Altieri is elected Pope Clement X. 1953 - Elevation of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Vicariate of Denmark to the Diocese of Copenhagen. Sport 1992 - The Ukraine national football team plays its first ever official international match. In Uzhhorod, the team loses 3-1 to Hungary, partly due to two hits from Feyenoord striker József Kiprich. 1995 - Frenchwoman Catherine Marsal (24) sets the world women's hour record at 47.112 kilometers at the Bordeaux velodrome. 2007 - The Eredivisie experiences a historic denouement. AZ, Ajax and PSV are all tied in points. AZ loses to Excelsior and PSV becomes champion on goal difference (5-1 against Vitesse), in the end it remains Ajax just 1 goal (0-2 against Willem II). 2022 - Former top tennis player Boris Becker has been sentenced to 2.5 years in prison by a London judge. The 54-year-old German has been found guilty of hiding millions of euros in assets from his trustee in his bankruptcy in 2017. Science and technology 1699 - First meeting of the French Académie des sciences. 1770 - James Cook discovers Botany Bay, Australia. 1813 - Rubber is patented. 1913 - Zipper patent is granted. 1985 - Space shuttle Discovery launches for mission STS-51B with the ESA space lab in the cargo hold. The space shuttle crew consists of 7 astronauts, 2 monkeys and 24 rodents