29th of July


August 19, 2022

July 29 is the 210th day of the year (211th day in a leap year) in the Gregorian calendar. This is followed by 155 days until the end of the year.


General 1909 - In Barcelona, ​​the Tragic Week, an uprising against the mobilization of the army, ends in a bloody fashion. 1981 - Prince Charles marries Diana Spencer. 2013 - Helicopter crash in Romania kills five people, including controversial Romanian businessman, Sorin Terbea. He was embroiled in a football match bribery scandal. 2017 - In northeastern Nigeria, a bomb attack by the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram kills 14 people. Dozens are injured. 2019 - A man from Eritrea has pushed a woman and her son in front of the train at Frankfurt Central Station. The eight-year-old child was killed. 2022 - A Georgian Mi-8 helicopter crashed into a mountainside near the ski and outdoor resort of Gudauri, killing all eight on board, including 4 crew, 2 doctors and 2 rescuers. They were rescuing two paragliders that had previously hit the steep mountainside. One of them, a foreign tourist who flew with the paraglider as a passenger, did not survive the crash. The drama led to a day of national mourning and a temporary ban on paragliding in the area after previous fatal accidents involving foreign tourists. Art and culture 1990 - With more than 1,200,000 visitors, museums in Amsterdam and Otterlo close their doors on the last day in memory of Vincent van Gogh's death 100 years ago. Media 2005 - The Dutch radio program Met het Oog op Morgen has its 10,000th broadcast. War 1018 – Battle of Vlaardingen: Count Dirk III of Holland defeats Emperor Henry II's army. 1992 - With the arrival of 21 food trucks in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, the long-planned overland corridor from the Croatian coastal city of Split is opened. Politics 238 - The Praetorian Guard storm the palace in Rome, Emperors Pupienus and Balbinus are publicly executed. 13-year-old Gordianus III is crowned emperor. 1921 - Adolf Hitler becomes chairman of the NSDAP. 1943 - NSB mayor Geert Bisschop van Schoonebeek is shot dead by members of the local resistance. 1990 - Alberto Fujimori, Peru's new president, removes two senior military officials from office and announces that banks must be closed for two days due to announced measures to clean up the economy. 1992 - Coup attempt in Madagascar fails. 1994 - An estimated 150,000 people from all parts of Bangladesh protest in the capital Dhaka for the hanging of author and Islam critic Taslima Nasreen. 2012 - Germany cuts a budget of 21 million euros in development aid to Rwanda because of the bad military role it would play in eastern DR Congo. Religion 1980 - The US states of Alabama and Mississippi are split from the Archdiocese of New Orleans and formed into an independent Roman Catholic ecclesiastical province with the Archdiocese of Mobile and the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama and the Dioceses of Biloxi and Jackson in Mississippi. Sport 1913 - Founding of the Norwegian football club Vålerenga IF. 1948 - Opening of the London Olympics; the first Games after World War II. 1973 - British racing driver Roger Williamson is tragically killed at the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort circuit. 1974 - American Jimmy Connors replaces Australian John Newcombe as number one in the world tennis professional ranking after eight weeks. 1984 - Swimmer Michael Gross of West Germany sets his own world record in the 200-meter freestyle at 1.47.44 at the Los Angeles Olympics. 1989 - Cuban athlete Ja