Eureka (pronunciation)


August 19, 2022

Eureka or Heureka means: I have found it, or as an exclamation: I have it. It is a Greek word, εὕρηκα / ηὕρηκα, the perfect tense (the present perfect tense) of εὑρίσκω, heuriskoo - I find. The exclamation Eureka refers to a Perfectum Resultativum; that is, the emphasis is on the outcome of the activity, rather than the activity that led to the outcome. In this case, the result is the find. Plutarch and Vitruvius tell that Archimedes discovered in the bath that a submerged body becomes so much lighter as the displaced liquid weighs, which is now called Archimedes' law. He jumped out of the tub and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse, shouting "Heureka!" calling. Ever since, eureka is a happy cry when someone has solved a difficult problem.