Little green men


May 17, 2022

Little green men are the stereotypical aliens, represented as humanoid creatures with green skin and often an antenna on their head. The term is generally used to express skepticism about the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence with some derision. In that context, a second use of the term, namely as a universal scapegoat is not entirely justified (The little green men did that). The term is a direct translation of the American Little Green Men. It is not clear who first used that name. In the 1950s they became 'popular' in the context of the many sightings of flying saucers. The existence of these alien planes is highly controversial to say the least. Precisely because their existence was strongly denied, many believed that the truth was being concealed by governments, which became the basis for an endless series of conspiracy theories. In this atmosphere the Little Green Men could grow into a worldwide recognizable stereotype as the crew of flying saucers. Yet they were mentioned as beings of space before anyone thought they had seen a flying saucer. Little Green Men have been used to designate Martians since the first half of the twentieth century, but their history goes back further in time. Even before the concept of extraterrestrial life became widely known, the Little Green Men appeared in the guise of supernatural, mythical or made-up figures. For a long time, the thought of these creatures, though they resembled humans but were otherwise so completely different in everything, could still instill fear into hordes. But influenced by popular science fiction series like Star Trek and movies like E.T. the idea of ​​the green humanoids has lost quite a bit of power. A multitude of other possible forms have pushed the classic to the margins where it can only exist as a cartoonish and mocking image.

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