Nicolas Frantz


May 17, 2022

Nicolas Frantz (4 November 1899 – 8 November 1985) was a Luxembourg cyclist, who won 60 victories between 1923 and 1934, including the national championship of Luxembourg 13 consecutive times. He is best known for his victories in the 1927 Tour de France and the 1928 Tour de France. Between the 1924 Tour de France and the 1929 Tour de France, he won a total of twenty tour stages and wore the yellow jersey for 37 days. He finished second in the 1924 and 1926 Rounds, and fifth in the 1929 Tour. In the 1928 Tour de France, Frantz wore the yellow jersey from the first to the last day. He was the only one to achieve this feat with Ottavio Bottecchia. Later, Romain Maes (1935) and Jacques Anquetil (1961) would repeat this trick. In 1928 the front fork of Frantz' racing bike broke during the 19th stage. Frantz still had a hundred miles to go. He borrowed a substandard women's bike and completed the stage before riding his branded bike, an Alcyon, to victory in Paris.

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