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January 27, 2022

Sesame Street is the Dutch-language adaptation of the American children's program Sesame Street. Since January 4, 1976, Sesame Street has been broadcast jointly by the Dutch public broadcaster and the Belgian Radio and Television Broadcasting, and since 1984 only by the Dutch public broadcaster. The program mainly features Muppets, in addition to a number of real people.


On November 10, 1969, Sesame Street started in the United States, an educational program that wanted to playfully help children in deprived areas to overcome their educational disadvantage. Dolph Kohnstamm published an article in Vrij Nederland in March 1970 about the effects that Sesame Street could also have in the Netherlands. On June 11, 1972, an episode of the American version was broadcast in the Netherlands as a test, with comments by Dick Bruna and Thijs Chanowski, among others. Sesame Square, with a real square as a backdrop. Sesame Square was eventually canceled because the NOS and the then BRT had decided to make the program together. On January 4, 1976, the first regular Dutch-Flemish version of Sesame Street was broadcast. The test episode was finally broadcast on January 3, 1996, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Sesame Street. A special anniversary episode was also made that year. During the first few years, Sesame Street was a collaboration project between the NOS and the BRT, because making the program for only the NOS or the BRT was too expensive, partly due to the rights that had to be paid at Children's Television Workshop in New York. At that time, half of the episodes consisted of dubbed material from the original American program, and the other half of original Dutch material. The BRT ended the collaboration in 1983, when it started broadcasting Het Liegebeest. In 1984, for the first time, some far-reaching changes took place in the line-up. Piet Hendriks, who had had the role of "grandfather" from the start, left the series. He was succeeded by Lex Goudsmit. Aart Staartjes also joined the series that year. In the first years he mainly played the role of a sourpuss, but later his character changed. In October 2007 it was announced that Sesame Street would have two new residents in September 2008: Angsthaas and Stuntkip. There was room for more residents, because the duration of the program was extended from 15 to 25 minutes. It would take a year before Angsthaas and Stuntkip could actually be seen on the TV, because it took time to develop the types. The pair were conceived by the Dutch writers of Sesame Street, but the dolls that are used come from Jim Henson's stable. The character of the protagonists Pino and Ieniemienie has changed over the years. At first they behaved like real animals; for example, in one of the first leaders Pino wakes up in a nest and Ieniemienie initially likes cheese very much and is afraid of cats. Later this completely disappeared and they started to behave purely like human children - but with an animal appearance. The leader's signature music was originally written for Sesame Street by Joe Raposo. The Dutch text has been amended several times from the start. The intro movie has also been renewed every few years. On June 28, 2019, broadcaster NTR announced that they would no longer make new episodes of the program for at least the next two years, because they say they 'already have enough episodes to show the young audience, which renews itself approximately every three years'.

Broadcast schedule and time

Since October 1, 1978, Sesame Street has been broadcast daily. Initially, the program started at 6:30 PM. In 1979

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