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Trove is a portal site where collections of Australian government institutions, GLAM institutions and digitized newspapers can be consulted.


Trove is a project that was launched in August 2008 under the care of the National Library of Australia (NLA). Between 1997 and 2008, to make its collections searchable, the NLA initiated several digitization projects and services: 'Register of Australian Archives and Manuscripts', 'Picture Australia', 'Libraries Australia', 'Music Australia', 'Australia Dancing' , 'PANDORA Search Service', 'ARROW Discovery Service', 'People Australia' and 'Australian Newspapers Beta Service'. Except for 'Music Australia', all projects and services used the same three search engine platforms: 'Blue Angel Technologies', 'TeraText' and 'Lucene'. In September 2006, the NLA had its IT infrastructure examined. In March 2007, this resulted in three recommendations which, with a view to facilitating user research, amounted to centralizing all projects and services by means of open source software. The NLA's preferred search engine platform around which everything would be centralized was 'Lucene'. The project started in 2009 under the name 'Single Business Discovery Service' and would later be continued under the name 'Trove'. The name, based on the term 'treasure trove' (treasury) and the French verb 'trouvez' (to find), was suggested by a collaborator.


A number of filters allow users to browse daily newspapers, government papers, books, catalogs, photos, music, maps, diaries, correspondence and archived websites. They also have the option to only display Australian content in the search results. Users have the opportunity to correct and adjust errors in the machine-digitized newspaper articles themselves. A satisfaction survey conducted in 2013 showed that 40% of all users visited the portal from abroad, 70% were female, 65% over 50 years, 45% were doing postgraduate research and 85% had some form of higher education.

Trove data providers

More than 60,000 libraries, universities, museums, associations, (local) governments, companies and individuals offer more than 6 billion items via the portal, varying from newspaper articles, (diary) books, audio books, photos to letters, music videos, maps and state papers.

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