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August 13, 2022

Wikimedia Commons is a multilingual interactive website of the Wikimedia Foundation, linked to a database that is designed as a central storage of images, sound, video and other files. The files can be used in all Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Wikinews in all language editions. Anyone can also download files for their own use (both commercial and non-commercial) from the database at no cost. The project has been active since September 7, 2004 and now houses more than 68 million files (data January 2021). Commons is an English term for things that are common or public good and means, among other things, in Dutch. Before Commons was founded, all Wikipedias stored their own files separately, leading to many duplicate files. The Foundation's director at the time suggested the project on the premise that a central database could improve the situation, others believed it was a hostile takeover of Wikisource or centralized control over smaller projects. Moreover, this made it easier to keep an overview of the copyrights of the files. It also became clear more quickly to all users which images are available in the various Wikimedia archives, making exchange easier. Commons has a main page in several languages, but most of the other pages are still in English. The categorization is also almost entirely in English, for example the term Category. Commons has two ways to showcase highly valued images. The first is 'Featured pictures', which users on Wikimedia Commons choose by nomination and vote (as of November 2004). Images from both users and from outside sources (such as NASA images) are eligible. The second is 'Quality images', for images created by users themselves (as of June 2006). A user may nominate his own and other people's work for this. In November 2004, the 'Image of the Day' was introduced, an image for each day of the year. Since July 2007, only the 'Featured pictures' are eligible for this. Since the beginning of 2007, an election has been held every year for the most beautiful image uploaded in the previous year, the 'Image of the Year'. The Picture of the year from the past years

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