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October 17, 2021

There are several ways to start a new article: Click on a red link A red link on a page means that the link points to a non-existing article. By clicking on that red link, you will get an editing screen. Use the search box (only works in desktop view) First, think about what the name of the intended new article should be. For more information about choosing a name, read Wikipedia:Naming a page. Once you've determined the name, type it into the search box: the box at the top of the screen with the magnifying glass next to it. Press and you will see if there is already an article under that title. If it doesn't exist yet, click the red link to get to the edit screen. In the edit screen, you can type the text and wiki codes for the new article, then hit Publish Changes. Then the first version of your new article is ready!

Navigation and structure

Before creating a new article, it's always a good idea to do a search to see if there isn't already an article with a slightly different title or synonym. Wikipedia already contains a lot of articles (2,068,963 to be exact) so there is a good chance that something already exists on that subject. That is why you should also check whether the information you want to add does not fit on a more general article. If you do create a separate article, it is best to add links to your new article so that people can find it. For example, it is recommended that the articles "History of Ghent" and "List of mayors of Ghent" are linked from the page "Ghent" itself. It is also wise to find out in advance whether there are enough reliable sources on which to base a full-fledged article. This often also says something about the relevance of the subject. In the left bar of a page you can always click on "Links to this page" to check which other pages link to your article. Help! Will my article be removed? After saving, your article will appear on the list of new articles. Usually it is then checked by other Wikipedians within a few hours. Care is taken to ensure that the article complies with the principles of Wikipedia. If an article does not meet the requirements, it can be nominated for review or possibly also for removal. A special template is first placed on the article. On the Pages to be assessed page you will find an overview of the articles that have been nominated. The fact that an article is on that page does not always mean that it will be removed. In principle, everyone has two weeks to refurbish the article or to make a substantiated objection to its removal. Only pages that contain pure nonsense, violate privacy or are literally copied from another website can be directly removed from Wikipedia. Deleting pages is done by moderators.

First create an article on a notepad

If you are logged in, you will see a 'Notepad' button on the top line. If you click on it, you can create an article that is linked to your own user space: every logged in user has his own notepad. The notepad can be used to quietly work on an article without others directly interfering with it and without running the risk that it will be nominated before it is well and truly finished. The moment the article is sufficient in your opinion to become a real Wikipedia article, you can create the real article and transfer the contents of the notepad there.

Survival tips for your new page

Here's how to prevent your page from getting into trouble: Always cite your sources with a new page, so that others can check that the information is correct. Try to write as objectively as possible; your own opinion should actually be invisible. Try your ass

INSERT INTO `wiki_article`(`id`, `article_id`, `title`, `article`, `img_url`) VALUES ('NULL()','Wikipedia:Snelcursus/Nieuw_artikel','Wikipedia:Crush course/New article','Try your ass','')